ISIS Plotting “Second Blow” to Financial System; Goal is to Destroy the Dollar

August 31, 2015

We have long contended that the purpose of the 9/11 attacks was first an economic attack. The goal was then, and remains to destroy America by collapsing our financial system. Now, ISIS proves our point with their most recent video threat (see screen capture of burning dollar). This matches their recent ISIS Timeline for global domination. And […]

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Another “GLITCH?” ETF Failure Hit the Markets and Hints at Financial Terrorism

August 26, 2015

Last month, the New York Stock Exchange froze. The same day, United Airlines was grounded. And The Wall Street Journal website went offline. Two days later, TD Ameritrade had a serious outage. We were told it was “just a glitch” in all cases. Nothing serious. These things just happen. Of course, most people felt there was […]

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1,000 Flash Crashes at Once; What Role Did ETFs Play in Today’s Meltdown?

August 24, 2015

Today’s horrible market opening was particularly shocking, even to veteran market watchers. There was some incredibly unusual activity in the market meltdown. Investors felt as if they were riding a roller coaster but weren’t certain they’d exit intact. Now, there should be little doubt that a serious decline was not only possible but clearly expected. […]

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…And Why It Could Happen Again…

August 23, 2015

On Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 531 points, basically tying for the 9th worst point decline in history. Of course, point declines and percentage declines are not the same. In percentage terms, the 3.2% drop barely registered historically. It would take a 7% drop to even crack the top 20 in percentage terms. […]

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Russia, China, Iran, and the Dollar as Reserve Currency–Part Four

August 19, 2015

We have long discussed the threats against the dollar as well as dire predictions that the dollar would lose its reserve currency status. But historically, it has been the position of the U.S. Treasury and U.S. State Department that the dollar would remain, well, as sound as a dollar. So, you can imagine our surprise when both […]

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Russia, China, Iran, and the Dollar as Reserve Currency–Part Three (of Four)

August 18, 2015

This is the third part of what is now a four-part update. As a reminder, Part One shared about the Russian economic collapse and the implications for global economic war. Part Two covered the Chinese slowdown and IMF (temporary) rejection of the Yuan and the implications for global economic war. Part Four will discuss developments with the […]

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Russia, China, Iran, and the Dollar as Reserve Currency–Part Two

August 15, 2015

Last week China shocked traders with a surprise devaluation of the Yuan, sparking fears of a currency war. Many had believed that September would begin a move to make the Chinese Yuan the primary reserve currency for the world, displacing the dollar. Imagine the shock when the Yuan fell against the value of the dollar. It […]

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Russia, China, Iran, and the Dollar as Reserve Currency–Part One

August 14, 2015

So much has happened in the last couple of weeks that we will just have to hit the highlights and spread the topic out over multiple posts. The first thing to understand is that Russia is under severe economic stress and this seems to be pushing Putin into a very belligerent position. This is becoming […]

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China Believes We Crashed Their Market as an act of Economic Warfare

July 28, 2015

The Chinese have officially accused us of crashing their stock market as reported in The Washington Times: Inside China: Official: China stock crash is U.S. economic warfare By Miles Yu – – Thursday, July 23, 2015 Last month’s stock market crash in China was without any doubt an economic war against China covertly waged by […]

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Why the “Glitch” Is a Reason to Worry

July 11, 2015

Last week the NYSE was shut down for trading for nearly four hours. The official explanation was a technical glitch. Of course, it was the worst glitch in nearly two centuries of trading activity. The last glitch worth mentioning was in 2001 when the exchange was down less than 90 minutes. Almost immediately the government and […]

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