Soros Unmasked?

August 16, 2016

Last month, we published an important Blog Post titled Reflexivity:  How to Profit from Your Own Mischief. This is an important read as it points out how Mr. George Soros admitted to funding open borders and then sought to profit from the ensuing chaos in Europe. He has even coined a term for this type of activity as […]

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Our Alibaba Warnings Now Appear Prescient

August 8, 2016

A little less than two years ago we warned American investors and regulators regarding the risks of allowing Alibaba to IPO (initial public offering) in the United States. Hong Kong turned Alibaba down due to structure and transparency. But the American government welcomed this Chinese Internet behemoth and Wall Street celebrated the fees they were […]

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The Law of Unintended Consequences?

August 1, 2016

“One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.” –Milton Friedman As we have discussed in this blog and our books, enemies of the United States have been looking for ways to bankrupt our nation as an act of economic warfare. This non-military form of conflict […]

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Foreign Manipulation of American Elections?

July 26, 2016

The Democrat National Committee (DNC) is blaming Vladimir Putin and Russian cyber warriors for hacking their servers and releasing to Wikileaks all sorts of incriminating emails. They tell us “never mind the content” because it is all a foreign plot to help Donald Trump win the White House. This is so very rich in so […]

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Reflexivity: How to Profit from Your Own Mischief?

July 12, 2016

“Reflexivity refers to circular relationships between cause and effect. A reflexive relationship is bidirectional with both the cause and the effect affecting one another in a relationship in which neither can be assigned as causes or effects.” George Soros is well known for several things, all inter-connected. First, he is a “self-made” multi-billionaire. Second, he […]

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The Global Economic War is Between Socialism and Freedom

July 12, 2016

This speech by Congressman Bob McEwen is one of the most important you can ever hear. Bob is a friend and a strong supporter of the NSIC Institute and our efforts to win the economic war. He was speaking at an FRC Conference: Socialism knows that it loses any fair fight. So it is […]

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The Beatles Were Wrong

June 30, 2016

Forty-nine years ago, the Beatles released a single with the title “All You Need is Love.” Their message of universal love was well received, even if a bit naive. The idea that we must “co-exist” is great if everyone buys in, but pretty terrible if the people you are trying to co-exist with are trying […]

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WARNING ORDER: China Prepares for Conflict and Why We Must Do the Same

June 22, 2016

I was honored to join a select group of experts warning America about developing Chinese threats. My section deals with the economic threats and includes a section on the overwhelming intellectual property theft that has taken place over the past couple of decades. Some estimates suggest that up to $5 trillion per year has been stolen […]

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Cyber War Escalates; China and Russia See America as Weak

June 1, 2016

A Freedom of Information Act disclosure has provided total confirmation of our warnings over many years. Our financial system has been under attack. The Federal Reserve was forced to disclose more than 50 serious breaches in the past five years. Some of these may have been nation-state level espionage. Others were likely criminal activity. And […]

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SWIFT Attacks in the Global Economic War

May 20, 2016

Recent headlines confirm that the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Communication) has suffered multiple cyber attacks. SWIFT is a privately run Belgium-based provider of financial messaging, considered essential to move money around the world. The system is so important that to be denied access to it is essentially to be cut off financially from the […]

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