The Founder’s “Secret Weapon” to Save Our Economy…REALLY!

by Kevin D. Freeman on April 9, 2022

If I were writing an advertisement to sell a newsletter subscription, I’d hype the “Founder’s Secret” idea. You’d read it and be invited to watch a 30-minute video that was one long, high-pressure push to get you to subscribe to an expensive newsletter. Then, there would be some gimmick that would barely make sense in the newsletter, but by then it would be too late.

OK, I admit it. I want you to watch a short video that explains how something the Founder’s put into the Constitution actually could save our economy, help you beat inflation, and minimize your tax burden. That’s all true, and with enough people supporting it, it can actually happen. The video is the latest episode of our weekly show, Economic War Room®. But I’m NOT selling a newsletter. Instead, you can sign up to receive our FREE, weekly Economic Battle Plans™.  You will be asked to sign a straight-forward petition to get our government to protect the economy with an idea from the Constitution. This really is a world-changing opportunity that is desperately needed. Let me explain.

First, we have been warning of global economic warfare for more than a decade. It’s actually the title of this Blog. Ten years ago, no one was expecting we would be where we are today. But here we are. When I warned the Pentagon, the Congress, and a host of Federal agencies, they seemed pretty clueless. I warned of a Phase Three coming where the U.S. dollar would be under severe attack. Few recognized that the dollar could be vulnerable. My how things have changed. When I first began warning of Phase Three in 2008, the total reported Federal Debt of the United States was about $10 trillion. It is over $30 trillion today. I warned that Putin was working with China on a plan to replace the dollar as the reserve currency of the world. Few paid attention then. But today, it is a common awareness, even if people have yet to realize how great a threat this really is. It is happening before our eyes. The very high Inflation we are experiencing now may be just the beginning and a symptom of a much greater challenge. This is a very serious threat to our nation and also your personal wealth. It must not be ignored.

Second, an internal threat has also emerged with President Biden’s executive order to unleash a Digital Dollar. This is programmable money and a control mechanism. It is designed to ultimately displace the paper money we use and would eventually grant the Federal bureaucracy complete control of your life. You would not be able to spend without permission. Every transaction would be monitored and controlled. If you say the wrong thing, like “men can’t have babies,” you lose your ability to spend or maybe even have your money confiscated. This is very real and similar to the Social Credit Score system being implemented in China. The Founder’s are rolling over in their graves as they designed a system for personal liberty, not coercive control.

Third, for over a decade, we’ve been suggesting a genuine solution to Phase Three. I wrote about it in my books. Amazingly, the basis for it actually does come from the Founders and was enshrined in the Constitution. Rather than explaining the complexities in this blog, however, I would like you to watch our video. When you do, you will also have the opportunity to get a FREE subscription to our Economic Battle Plans™. Click HERE to gain access. The Battle Plan for Episode 184 contains all the background, supporting information and Action Plan. In this case, it’s a 32-page PDF. This is not a gimmick. The video and Battle Plan really do explain a way to establish an alternative system, using gold-backed, state-issued money authorized by the United States Constitution. If adopted, we believe you could hold your money in the form of gold and silver rather than paper, protecting against inflation or currency attack. It’s similar to what Russia and China have developed as a weapon to destroy our economy. In this case, however, it could save our economy and your personal wealth.

What we need is enough Americans to be aware, and then demand that our states take action. The stakes are unbelievably high. I say that without hyperbole. Watch the video. Read the Battle Plan. Check out the prior posts of this Blog. Read my books. When you do, you will see what I’m saying and understand why it’s essential to sign the petition. This is a critical time and a wonderful opportunity. The Founder’s gave us the solution if we have the wisdom and boldness to take action.

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