Chinese Espionage is a Fact of Life

by Kevin D. Freeman on January 20, 2011

We have already demonstrated that the Chinese Military (PLA) has been planning for Global Economic Warfare with the United States for at least the past decade. This is documented in their doctrinal text,:

Unrestricted Warfare  (see the January 14, 2011 post on this subject in this Blog).

Many, however, have attempted to argue that the commercial/business interests of China have greater authority than the Military. At a minimum, such thinking is naive. In fact, a recent report by STRATFOR, documents how even the commercial sector operates in a “no holds barred” manner. The Chinese business sector is well aware that this is a global economic war and they are using whatever tools they have to win, including espionage, intellectual property violations, and other deceptions. They have studied SunTzu’s The Art of War in detail.

One estimate offered today by a talking head on CNBC was that as much as 30% of China’s economic growth over the past decade was directly the result of intellectual property theft. We think that figure may be understated. Think about that for a moment. They have stolen our intellectual property and manipulated the currency markets to gain an unfair advantage. As a result, they have amassed trillions of U.S. dollars that they have loaned back to us. It is kind of like working for the company store, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, American companies face a troubling dilemma. China is where the growth is and every American executive feels driven to do business there as witnessed by the recent Hu visit. Yet, all should know that doing business in China compromises the future.

The worst part is that the corporate espionage and currency activity is peanuts compared to the economic warfare plans of the People’s Liberation Army. They have planned an end-game strategy that would crush our economy and end our way of life. For those who doubt the possibility, keep reading the posts here. Our goal is to bring a well-reasoned awareness to the American public and our leaders before it is too late.

Chinese Espionage and French Trade Secrets is republished with permission of STRATFOR.”

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