Financial Warfare in Egypt

by Kevin D. Freeman on January 31, 2011

Nearly everyone on the planet is aware of the riots taking place in Egypt. Most understand that there are serious geopolitical ramifications.

When you look behind the cause of the riots, however, it begins to become obvious that there was an economic trigger. High unemployment rates with rising food and energy prices may not have been the only cause behind the turmoil. But, no objective analyst can deny that they were a, if not the serious factor at work.

There’s no doubt that numerous factions are currently exploiting the situation. Egypt has been under dictatorial rule for decades. Nevertheless, the situation there now echoes the truths of Economic Warfare. Regardless of the cause in operation now, we have proven that it is possible to manipulate commodity prices, at least for short periods. It may even be done undetected.

I have heard rumblings that Egypt may currently be the target of economic warfare. At a minimum, my research suggests that current events are collateral damage from financial weapons.

So, the questions of the day:

1) What role, if any, is economic warfare playing in destabilizing Egypt?
2) Even if not at work there now, are terror factions learning from the situation, ready to use economic weapons in the future?

Controlling food supplies is an age-old method of warfare. Controlling food prices via market mechanisms is a new form of that weapon that could be utterly devastating. The Chinese call this a “new concept weapon” in their book Unrestricted Warfare. Their comment on America in this area:

“the Americans have not been able to get their act together in this are (new concept weapons). This is because proposing a new concept of weapons does not require relying on the springboard of new technology, it just demands lucid and incisive thinking. However, this is not a strong point of the Americans, who are slaves to their technology in their thinking.”

What this says is that we may be playing checkers while others are playing 3-dimensional chess. I have seen that first-hand with many of our defense and intelligence experts who stretch to even imagine that the financial markets could be weapons. Fortunately, a few “get it” and have been working to address the serious issues.

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