China Ready for Economic War (analysis)

by Kevin D. Freeman on February 12, 2011

The Times of India reports (based on Qiushi, the official Communist Party publication) that the Chinese are planning a Phase 3 Economic War (as we have warned for two years). 

We already are aware of the Chinese strategic doctrine of Unrestricted Warfare as published by the PLA in 1999 that supports what we have been saying 100%, but also now we have the official publication of the Communist Party outlining plans for an economic war against the United States. This is exactly what we predicted in the paper written for DoD nearly two years ago. [We posted on Unrestricted Warfare earlier in the Blog.]

What is so essential about this article is that it:

1) Acknowledges what we have been sharing that our primary vulnerability is economic. They see our currency and free markets as a weapon to use against us.
2) Blatantly proclaims that they will use market forces to mask their intended activity. [I believe they have been doing this for years.]
3) An intention to use our free media (as opposed to State-controlled) to launch a public-opinion war.

We have a very clear outline of intentions. For years, they have been masking their efforts as “market forces” and obfuscating their efforts in the media. Now we have a clear acknowledgement in their own paper of such efforts.

It is absolutely essential that our leaders, especially those charged with defending our national interests begin to acknowledge and understand this issue. My report produced for DoD in early 2009 is a good primer on the subject. Since then, I have continued to monitor, inform, and educate as many as I can. This Blog is one forum that enables information to be disseminated.

This is a commentary on an article in today’s edition of the Times of India (excerpts and a link to the full article can be found on the Blog).

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