NASDAQ Admits Hacker Attempts, But Told to Keep Quiet

by Kevin D. Freeman on February 8, 2011

Following the release by the Times (London) of our DoD report on financial terrorism (see previous post), a series of revelations have supported its conclusions. The most recent has been an admission by NASDAQ that they discovered secret files placed on their computers without their knowledge. At about the same time, the FBI admitted that they had been warning Wall Street firms that they had information suggesting that there is an intended attack by jihadists.

Nasdaq admits security breach, denies data access by hackers
Published 07 February 2011

“Nasdaq OMX Group has admitted that it found suspicious files on its US computer servers, but denies that hackers had accessed or acquired customer information or that its trading platforms were compromised.The admission comes in the wake of series of media reports that hackers have repeatedly made their way into the computer network that runs the Nasdaq Stock Market during the past year.

Nasdaq said the files were detected late last year, and it immediately contacted forensic groups and US law enforcement agencies.The attack came in the form of suspicious files known as ‘malware’, pointed at Nasdaq’s Directors Desk service, a web-based application where some 5,000 companies store documents for board members.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating the attacks alongside the US Department of Justice, but officials have remained silent and no one is authorized to release a statement at this time.”

The reason that this is so significant is because most of our leaders have been living in denial on this very important issue. I have briefed leaders in both House and Senate as well as major agencies. Many found our claims of current and planned attempts to bring down our economy “too frightening to imagine.” This seems remarkably like the Ostrich—hide your head in the sand and hope the bad things go away. Fortunately, we have found some good people in the leadership who are willing to listen, learn, and address the problem.

Our group has incredible documentation that demonstrates the intent to attack our economy from original documents produced by China, Venezuela, other nations and various Islamic Jihadists. They state in very direct terms an understanding of how to bring down our financial markets as well as, in most cases, a desire to do so. My research has clearly demonstrated vulnerability. Now, in addition to everything my group has provided before in this regard, we have clear and compelling proof that attacks have been undertaken. This should be no surprise. America has enemies who hate everything our nation has represented. We are a nation built on Judeo-Christian principles, loves freedom, and stands for truth. The financial markets simply represent a potential vulnerability. Better said, our open markets can serve as a weapon against us if we remain ignorant and unprepared.

Please understand that there is substantially more to these stories than has been shared with the public. In fact, CNBC provided the following revelation (

“Nasdaq was advised by federal law enforcement officials not to alert its existing customers of the cyber attacks…”

There are two points:

1) It should be abundantly clear that our financial markets are targets. Anyone who believes this is isolated is simply naive. There are very likely many other instances in which we simply haven’t yet discovered the intrusion.
2) We know for certain that even when attacks have been discovered, officials have made efforts to keep the information from getting out to the public.

When you understand these two truths, you understand that the public is made aware of only a portion of what officials know and there is still likely much that officials don’t yet know.

Stay tuned to both the news and this Blog. You will increasingly see evidence that supports what we have been sharing regarding Financial Terrorism and Global Economic Warfare. We are making every effort to work with leaders and law enforcement to keep our markets and economy safe.

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