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by Kevin D. Freeman on March 5, 2011

 As every reader of this Blog is no doubt aware, Bill Gertz  of The Washington Times wrote a front-page article that was published last Monday night, appearing in Tuesday morning’s edition. The headline was a link at the top of Drudge Report’s center column and has stirred a firestorm of interest. I was interviewed on Fox News Live with Megyn Kelly  on Tuesday and CNBC with Maria Bartiromo on Wednesday along with numerous radio programs, newspapers, and websites (see below). It also produced an almost immediate backlash by the Soros-fundedMedia Matters.

The story went in to overdrive when Glenn Beck  covered it on his Wednesday program and Thursday radio show. It should be known that Beck did this analysis completely on his own. I was never contacted by him or the show.

From my view, all of the publicity is helpful to the degree that it begins a necessary dialogue on the topic. Even critics who have asserted such absurdities as “He wrote the report so we would invade Libya,” or “this is an Obama effort to divert from the truth,” (and yes, those things were said) at least indicate that the message is getting out. A quick Google search of “Kevin Freeman Financial Terrorism” for news from the past week yielded nearly 30,000 results this morning and the list is growing.

Just to clear up a few misconceptions. First, my report (now nearly two years old) does NOT exonerate all of the bad activity covered in the FCIC report by Wall Street and Washington. Yes, we had very serious debt problems. Yes, things could have collapsed on their own. What it does do is identify a serious hypothesis of Economic Warfare using the immediate past to highlight areas of risk. This actually amplifies the need for having our fiscal house in order. Not only is our excess debt and bad government an internal threat but an external weapon that can be used by our enemies against us. Finally, I don’t know who Bill Gertz’s source is inside the Pentagon and I don’t know who first posted the report on the Internet.

While the report did not specifically name perpetrators, it did list possible suspects. This is an important distinction. I stand behind the validity of the research from a “motive, means, and opportunity” perspective. The research did what it proposed to do. And, despite the fact that there has not been a government-funded forensic analysis as the report calls for, there has been a substantial amount of meaningful additional information uncovered since the report was first published. Please know that there are serious people now aware and attempting to help. My role, if any, has been to be like a Mordecai (from the book of Esther in the Bible). Mordecai discovered and reported on a plot against the kingdom. His report helped to avert the plot and in the end to preserve his people.

The economic warfare issue should not be easily dismissed or pigeon-holed. In fact, the implications are pretty serious on many levels. Here are some basic facts:

1) America has enemies, many of whom have serious economic resources,
2) America has serious economic vulnerabilities that can be used against us.
3) The Chinese and radical jihadists (among others) have publicly acknowledged an awareness of these economic weapons.
4) Sadly, at this stage there is very little awareness of these realities by policy makers or even our defense and intelligence communities.

Rather than seriously discuss the issues, unfortunately, there has been a series of personal attacks. As we learned in debate, ad hominem attacks are logical fallacies representative of a weak intellectual argument.

If you would like to see a collection of weblinks to some of the more thoughtful media coverage, please visit www.freemanglobal.com and then click on the “Recent Articles” page.On this page, you may download the report as presented by the Department of Defense to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission and read the analysis for yourself. You may also listen to radio interviews and read some of the articles. Among the best ones there is this one from Flopping Aces. I had never even heard of the website or author but appreciate the investigative approach.

What’s funny is that this story was out a month ago in the international media by The Times  (of London), a significant international paper. It sadly shows how internally focused we are. That’s part of the problem.

Finally, for all those critics who have dismissed the report by pointing toOccam’s Razor, my response is that “Occam’s Razor can be too simplistic.” That’s especially true in the realm of geopolitics where very little is as it seems initially.

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