Is China at War with the USA?

by Kevin D. Freeman on June 28, 2011

ChinaatwarSeveral months ago, I was invited to write an article for The Counter Terrorist Magazine. It appears as the Cover Story in the August / September 2011 issue just released. This is a powerful publication aimed at law enforcement and national defense. They have a substantial readership both in and out of the military They have provided a weblink for my Blog readers to access and read the current issue and my article at no charge:

Is China at War with the USA?

The article covers some of the issues we have discussed in this Blog with citations and some background information. The hope is that this circulation extends to law enforcement and our military to draw awareness to the issue. It will also no doubt catch the attention of lawmakers as well as our enemies.

[For any who preview the issue and are interested in subscribing to the publication, there is a discount available using promo code SCG at the following link:]

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