Osama bin Laden Documents Prove Financial Terrorism?

by Kevin D. Freeman on September 3, 2011

Another objection to the financial terror/economic warfare hypothesis we put forth starting in late 2008 has been that Terrorists don’t target economies. Instead, the critics say, they try to blow things up and take credit.

Now, however, press reports of captured bin Laden documents apparently prove our hypothesis correct. It appears that Al-Qaeda had drawn up plans to directly attack Europe’s economy rather than “hard targets.” This corroborates our observation of what has been happening. We have documented that the methods used against European markets over the past months have been virtually identical to the attack on Lehman Brothers and other financial institutions that led to the 2008 financial collapse.

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One by one, the objections to our research are being shot down by facts. Undoubtedly, any specifics on the nature of the planned attack on Europe have been classified. Regardless, though, we have sufficient evidence to demonstrate that:

1) The European economy was a defined target of Al-Qaeda.
2) That Europe has been attacked using the exact mechanisms we have identified.

When bin-Laden was killed, we said:

“Hopefully, the hard drives obtained from bin Laden’s computer will shed some light on how the global financial jihad was structured. Regardless, though, we know that Al Qaeda and other terror groups were aware of our financial system vulnerabilities and actively sought to exploit them.”

We now may have such a “smoking gun.”

Please know that there is a major tug-of-war taking place in Europe now. Our contention has been that factions of Islamic Jihadists targeted the European economy to destabilize it, especially given the large Muslim populations there. This destabilization allows for popular uprising as it has in Egypt with the hope of a Sharia-based society emerging at some point. This contention has now been supported.

On the other side, we contended that factions from China have made efforts to prop up the European economies. This has been documented by George Soros in an interview with Der Spiegel:

SPIEGEL: As an investor, would you still bet on the euro?

Soros: I certainly would not short the euro because China has an interest in having an alternative to the dollar. You can count on China to back the efforts of the European authorities to maintain the euro.

SPIEGEL: Is that the reason why the euro is still so strong compared to the dollar?

Soros: Yes. There is a mysterious buyer that keeps propping up the euro.

In between the two powerful players (Islamic Jihadists and elements in China) are the major hedge funds. They have in many ways both led the attack on the Euro and supported its preservation, which is seemingly paradoxical.

We believe, however, that the reality is a combination of the two seemingly opposing forces. The Jihadists want to destabilize Europe. Factions in China want it to hold together (as do many oil producers). How to reconcile the two? We call this The Soros Solution.

Essentially, the goal may be to destabilize Europe’s economy sufficiently to force further integration and a common Eurobond market. At that point, the Chinese would have a fully viable alternative to the U.S. Treasury market and the U.S. dollar. Europe is more directly important to the Middle East, Russia, and the Chinese than America anyway. In addition, a weak Europe with a strong currency is ideal for many reasons. America becomes less relevant. Russia becomes the key bridge between Asia and Europe. With a collapsing dollar, the Chinese, Russia, and Middle East interests would be available to buy productive assets for pennies on the dollar. In short, everybody wins except the U.S.

This may seem far-fetched. We admit that it would be quite a feat to pull off. But, now there appears to be proof that one of the primary things we have been sharing is true. The fact that Al-Qaeda had formal plans to attack the European economy matches with Hank Paulson’s admission that the Russians attempted to get the Chinese to dump Fannie and Freddie holdings to cripple the American economy. It matches with the PLA’s Unrestricted Warfare plans to crash an enemy stock market.

This is not conjecture. It is real and it needs to be addressed.

Here is the link to the press report and the key quotes:

Al-Qaeda Plotting Against European Economy, Report Says

Aug 24, 2011, 17:06 GMT

Hamburg – Al-Qaeda has drawn up plans to attack Europe’s economy, according to a German magazine report Wednesday quoting documents seized by US troops from the late Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan hide-out.

Stern magazine said it had obtained the information from security sources, and that Germany was named among the possible targets.
The country’s main anti-terrorist agency, the Federal Crime Office in Wiesbaden, confirmed to the German Press Agency dpa that such a captured document existed, but said it made no mention of concrete targets. In the brief report on its website, Stern did not specify what was meant by ‘the economy.’


‘In the data that US elite soldiers seized on May 2 in Osama bin Laden’s place, there was a strategy concept for an attack on Europe’s economy,’ it said.

The document was allegedly seized in the home in Abbottabad where bin Laden was killed. Stern said its author was believed to be Sheikh Younis al-Mauretani, a member of al-Qaeda’s top leadership.

Stern said its discovery tended to confirm intelligence obtained last autumn from two captured German Islamists, Rami M and Ahmad S. In November 2011, Germany was put on alert. Stern said this was because the two men had said al-Mauretani was plotting an attack. The Federal Crime Office declined to confirm to dpa what the reason for the alert was. Germany continued to be a potential target and the risk was high, a Crime Office spokeswoman said.

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