This is a War to Destroy America; Here’s What You Can Do

by Kevin D. Freeman on March 2, 2012

In this post, we are going to have to do a “headline dump” with links to important articles on a variety of topic areas related to our current economic warfare position. That’s because the information is coming in so fast. This is real, folks. And it is heating up very fast. If you would like to understand why, then consider this quote from Unrestricted Warfare written by two Chinese PLA Senior Colonels in 1999:

“However, by using the combination method, a completely different scenario and game can occur: if the attacking side secretly (or quietly) musters large amounts of capital without the enemy nation being aware of this at all and launches a sneak attack against its financial markets, then after causing a financial crisis, buries a computer virus and hacker detachment in the opponent’s computer system in advance, while at the same time carrying out a network attack against the enemy so that the civilian electricity network, traffic dispatching network, financial transaction network, telephone communications network, and mass media network are completely paralyzed, this will cause the enemy nation to fall into social panic, street riots, and a political crisis.”

Let me translate this for you into five steps:

1)      The enemy will amass a large amount of capital. The Chinese have clearly done this over the past decade as has the Middle East from higher oil prices. Oil was $20 per barrel at the turn of the century and is over $100 now.

2)      Sneak attack against our financial markets. Bear raids using Soros techniques in 2008-09 certainly qualify.

3)      Bury a computer virus. Remember the NASDAQ hack in 2009, “flash crash” plus numerous attacks on power grid and infrastructure?

4)      Place a “hacker detachment.” Could this be……….Anonymous?

5)      Social panic, street riots, panic. Sound like the Occupy movement that Soros tells us will turn violent?

We’ve already seen steps one and two play out. Now, let’s walk through some of the recent headlines. First, consider these news items in regard to steps number 3 and 4:

FBI Director Says Cyber Threat Worse Than Terrorism:

Robo Trading Menaces Financial Markets:
[Be sure to read this one as it opens with this lovely thought: “It was as sudden as a terrorist attack. It came out of nowhere. For a moment in time, a shock wave sent panic through the most sophisticated financial markets in the world.”

Hackers Seize Control of NASA Systems

Chinese Hackers Suspected in Long-Term Nortel Breach

U.S. Not Afraid To Say It: China’s The Cyber Bad Guy:

This is just a small sample of numerous very recent headlines that document cyber attacks. It is what we should have expected following the financial market attack. It is also something we have covered at length in this Blog:

China Cyber Thievery is Just Another Expression of Economic Warfare

Man vs. Machine…Phase Three Underway?

Why Bring in the NSA?

NASDAQ Admits Hacker Attempts, But Told to Keep Quiet

Hacked! When will we start to defend America’s computers?

Can Wall Street Be Manipulated?

The Risks of a Splash Crash

Now, let’s consider the possibility of a “hacker detachment.” Is there such a thing deployed by Islamists? Consider this from MSNBC:

Anonymous targets Israel which closes with this thought: “In a final message, 0xOmar (backed by Anonymous) invited ‘all Arab-Muslim hackers to unite against Israel and join this war.’ “

Is there a Chinese “hacker detachment?” Consider this from CBS News:

Cyberattack report puts China back in spotlight which opens with this statement:  “An intense hacking operation  that compromised computers at such high-profile organizations as the United Nations and the International Olympic Committee has returned allegations of a Chinese hacking offensive to the spotlight.”

Notice the right-wing news outlets, MSNBC and CBS, we chose to make our point? Now, all that is left is to complete steps #3 and 4. Then, step 5. Will it happen? It is happening in Greece as we speak, following that model precisely. Will it happen here? George Soros says “YES.” In excerpts from a Newsweek article by John Arlidge:

George Soros on the Coming U.S. Class War

Occupy Wall Street “is an inchoate, leaderless manifestation of protest,” but it will grow. It has “put on the agenda issues that the institutional left has failed to put on the agenda for a quarter of a century.”

As anger rises, riots on the streets of American cities are inevitable. “Yes, yes, yes,” he says, almost gleefully.

Remember it was George Soros who explained what happened in the 2008-09 market crash (bear raids). It was George Soros who was the archetype of a financial terrorist/warrior (depending on your perspective) so admired by the Chinese PLA authors of Unrestricted Warfare who said:

“Moreover, when people revise the history books on twentieth-century warfare in the early 21st century, the section on financial warfare will command the reader’s utmost attention. The main protagonist in this section of the history book will not be a statesman or a military strategist; rather, it will be George Soros.”

This should be very obvious to anyone who is paying attention. It is not too late….yet. I spent a full week in DC last week at my own expense trying to get people to pay attention. I need your help! Here are my five steps:

1)  Pray! 2 Chronicles 7: 14 and Jeremiah 18 are good Bible references.

2)  Join our movement! There’s a tab at Here are some action steps:

  • Step One:  Education – Hence the book. Buy it and read it or borrow it from the library. Or just review all the material (including old newsroom and Blog posts) at
  • Step Two:  Get Connected – Join us on Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe to this Blog (see the subscribe area on the right to enter your email address).
  • Step Three:  Protect Yourself and Family in the area of Personal Finances – This requires knowledge and information from the first two steps.
  • Step Four:  Get the Word Out –  Take leadership action in getting the word out. Let us know if you are willing to participate in rallies, contacting Congress, and making your voice heard.

3)  Contact your Representative and Senators and insist that they get and read the book. I will fly at my own expense to meet and brief them.

4) Ask me to come speak to your group. I have been speaking several nights per week for the past two months. People need to know what this is about.

5) Pray again. We must begin and end with prayer because really, without God, nothing else matters!


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