Financial Jihad via Welfare?

by Kevin D. Freeman on February 19, 2013

images-1There has been outrage that some have viewed our generous welfare systems in Western Economies as a means to fund Jihad. There are many legitimate welfare recipients who are greatly benefited by a little assistance. But using the money for Jihad is a serious problem. Even worse, if a sufficient number abuse the system, they could overwhelm it and bankrupt the generous host. Some call this the Cloward-Piven strategy. Has it been adopted by Jihadists?

Using our money to fund Jihad? That’s pretty potent economic warfare.

A Muslim preacher is secretly filmed urging followers to take benefits from the state to fund a holy war.

By Melanie Hall  3:21PM GMT 17 Feb 2013

Anjem Choudary was secretly filmed mocking non-Muslims for working in 9-5 jobs their whole lives, and told followers that some revered Islamic figures had only ever worked one or two days a year.

“The rest of the year they were busy with jihad [holy war] and things like that,” he said. “People will say, ‘Ah, but you are not working’.

“But the normal situation is for you to take money from the kuffar [non-believers].

“So we take Jihad Seeker’s Allowance. You need to get support.”

He went on to tell a 30-strong crowd: “We are going to take England — the Muslims are coming.”


Here is the video:

Sadly, while this has sparked some outrage, it is simply a logical extension of what was seen in Australia a couple of years ago:

MAKE NO MISTAKE! This is an ECONOMIC WAR in which our system is used against us. this fits precisely with the bin Laden strategy. It also matches what we wrote in our NY Times Best-Seller Secret Weapon.

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