The 2005 al Qaeda Timeline Predicted Economic War and End of Dollar for 2013

by Kevin D. Freeman on September 16, 2013

The following came in from Michael Del Rosso after reading our last Blog Post. Michael is one of America’s true national Security Experts and serves with me as a Senior Fellow for the Center for Security Policy in Washington:

Dear Kevin,

Relevant to your posting about an hour ago on FaceBook regarding AQ’s tactic of economic warfare against the U.S., below (extracted from the attachment, c.f.: at very bottom) is a well-known and referenced al Qaeda timeline.  Recently Robert Martinage (currently Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Special Operations/Low-Intensity and Interdependent Conflict) reproduced it (c.f.: attached paper) as published in Fouad Hussein’s 2005 book Al Zarqawi: The Second Generation of Al Qaeda.

Note the present period of the timeline, 2010-2013, calls for “Economic warfare.”

This timeline was also published in a 2005 Der Spiegel article, found here:

Martinage states that the timeline has “been widely circulated among jihadi websites and appears to have some credence among movement strategists and ideologues.”

If you read the paragraph before the timeline in Martinage’s paper, it states “In 2005, Fouad Hussein, a radical Jordanian journalist, wrote a book entitled, Al Zarqawi: The Second Generation of Al Qaeda, which purports to provide the movement’s long-term plan for war against the West.”

The significance is that an AQ sympathizing Muslim journalist, who had interviews with bin Laden, wrote in 2005 AQ’s purported timeline, and that this timeline, now 8 years old, actually tracks with what we are observing play out in theater

America’s self-identified Enemies (MB, al Qaeda, etc.) in this war state their self-identified Doctrine is Islamic Law and their self-identified Objective for war is to impose Islamic law.

In 2004 in Afghanistan and in 2005 in Iraq, American blood and treasure imposed constitutions that are subordinated to Shariah Law, THE SELF-IDENTIFIED END-STATE WAR OBJECTIVES OF OUR ENEMY.

It is sobering to consider that once America established Afghani (2004) and Iraqi (2005) constitutions that are completely subordinated to Islamic Law, it really does not matter when we depart nor the conditions of our departure.

Something to consider as we celebrate withdrawal from Iraq (which we are leaving under Shia/Iranian control), and shortly, withdrawal from Afghanistan.



Michael J. Del Rosso
The Center for Security Policy, Senior Fellow for Homeland and National Security

The Claremont Institute, Research Fellow in National Security Policy

2008.02.23-The-Global-War-on-Terrorism[1]_Page_001Here is the document that Michael Del Rosso referenced and the key highlighted section regarding the Economic Warfare effort for 2010-2013. Note that this period also calls for an overthrow of Arab regimes which we have seen and the naive media depicted as “the Arab Spring.”


“This stage ‘will focus on overthrowing regimes by means of direct and fierce clashes with them’ and ‘when the regimes gradually disintegrate,   l-Qa’ida and the Islamic jihad trend will grow persistently.’ Economic warfare will be waged against the United States and the West more broadly—including burning ‘Arab oil’ and conducting electronic attacks against critical infrastructures. Gold is restored as the ‘standard exchange value in international markets,’ leading to the “collapse” of the US dollar.”


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