Financial warfare against ‘bad guys’

by Kevin D. Freeman on October 7, 2013

Arab News had a story yesterday that documents ongoing financial warfare and validates many of the points we have made over the past few years. The title of the story is Financial warfare against ‘bad guys.”


Financial warfare against ‘bad guys’

by JAMAL DOUMANI Published — Sunday 6 October 2013

What is most interesting about the story, however, is the Arab viewpoint. They view financial warfare as emanating almost exclusively from the United States and a bloodless supplement to the “off books” operations from U.S. Special Forces and the paramilitary efforts of the CIA to “take out” America’s enemies:

WE know about the Seals and the drones, the special forces hunting insurgents in Afghanistan’s remote villages and the military planners at the Pentagon running off-the-books operations in dusty places like Somalia where large armies can’t go.
And we know about the CIA, which has now morphed into a paramilitary agency ordered by the White House to kill America’s enemies in the deserts of Yemen and the mountains of Pakistan.

Beyond that, however, the author describes the “bloodless” efforts of the United States Treasury:

But what about that shadow war — less deadly but no less effective — that the US began waging even before 9/11, where no shots are fired, a war whose troops seemingly sedate bureaucrats, using sophisticated software as their only weapon, who are tasked with launching financial warfare against terrorists, real or imagined, by targeting their banks? Surely the way to go about changing the world, to make it responsive to US geopolitical interests, need not be confined to the way of the gun. At least one government agency believes that. Enter the Treasury Department, whose exploits were recently outlined in “Treasury’s War: The Unleashing of a New Era of Financial Warfare,” a book by Juan C. Zarate, a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

So, it is clear to at least the author and now reported in Arab News that we are engaged in Financial Warfare against Hamas, North Korea, and others. It even complains that the U.S. might was turned against the beleaguered Holy Land Foundation. Never mind the seriousness of the evidence uncovered in the Holy Land Foundation court trial of real, direct threats to the national security of the United States–here is just one article link with the story from the Dallas Morning News: Take a few minutes and go through the DMN article and see if you believe efforts against the Holy Land Foundation seem unjustified. Then look at this website:

Of course, in the Arab News article, there is zero mention of the economic attacks on America that I outlined in my book Secret Weapon, or the last few chapters of Zarate’s book that outline efforts by America’s enemies to destroy the U.S. dollar. Instead, there is almost an appeal for the U.S. Treasury Department to use its economic arsenal against the nation of Israel:

The role that the Treasury Department’s warriors play in the international banking system, in pursuit of America’s strategic interests, may be bloodless. But is it not questionable when you consider that this government agency’s targets are chosen not for moral but for expedient, even mercenary, reasons? Wouldn’t you like to see Treasury sanctioning, as European Union countries have sanctioned, Israeli settlements in Palestine, which clearly represent a violation of the Geneva Conventions and every UN Charter under the sun, settlements whose very existence breaks every law on the books in the American justice system itself?

My point? We are in a global economic war. Most Americans don’t see it but the Arab street seems aware.

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