Counterfeiting as a Secret Weapon

by Kevin D. Freeman on December 17, 2013

The December/January issue of The Counter Terrorist carries my article on counterfeiting efforts. In fact, The Counter Terrorist has named me a Contributing Editor to the publication. This is my fourth article for the publication, two of which were cover stories. It’s worth reading as we have direct evidence of nation states seeking to undermine our economy and enrich themselves by counterfeiting our money. The link to the magazine is here:

Strategic Counterfeiting and DPRK Office 39

Many people think of counterfeiting as a primarily criminal activity done on a relatively small scale with limited success.   However, there is a more sophisticated game at hand.

Read the full article here (p. 44).

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Please let me express my gratitude to Chris Graham, the Editor of The Counter Terrorist magazine. Chris is a true patriot. He is also an expert in marksmanship. While we don’t sell advertising on our blog, I will occasionally put in a plug for a friend who has helped to warn about global economic warfare. Those interested in improving their accuracy, speed, and ability with a pistol, check out his website: His training can help you get to the top 10% of shooters in 15 minutes a day, without live ammo or the need for a range.

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