We Are Not Alone

by Kevin D. Freeman on September 9, 2014


Image Credit: NASA/ESA/Alexander Gerst

No, this isn’t some “aliens are among us” blog post. But, the way some people (especially the leadership in Washington) responded to our message a few years ago, it sure seemed that way. So much has happened and the signs are so obvious that even former doubters have recently reached out and admitted we were right all along. And, we are not alone. There are other courageous observers who have been warning that we are (and have been) in a global economic war. We may differ on start dates and in some specific details. But there is an increasing chorus of recognition emerging.

Here are links to a sampling of some very recent articles, blog posts, and commentaries with excerpts that support what we have been saying since 2008. Please note that some of these links to promotional pieces for newsletters or books but the support information in general follows our thesis. We do not necessarily endorse any of the works listed but merely share them because the articles referenced cover topics similar to those we discuss in this Blog. You should note that there is a wide spectrum of author backgrounds including academic and real world, religious and secular. Yet each has arrived at similar conclusions.

From Marco Viera, senior lecturer in International Relations at University of Birmingham:

BRICS keep supporting Russia in bid to rebalance world power

8 September 2014, TheConversation.com

While Western nations beef up economic sanctions and Nato discusses what stance to take toward Russia, the BRICS are maintaining tacit support for Moscow despite the Ukraine crisis.

This is not entirely unexpected. Yet, it suggests that the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) grouping’s commitment to the reform of the international system is to be taken seriously. And the Ukraine crisis has provided the group with a powerful opportunity to voice its shared opposition to Western powers’ self-assigned role as the custodians of the international community….

From Paul McGuire, radio personality and author of books on Christian prophecy:


September 9, 2014,  NewsWithViews.com

The geopolitical conflict with Russia, Ukraine, EU, U.S., NATO, Great Britain, Syria, Iraq, Iran, China, and other nations is not necessarily about land or territory; it is about the all-out struggle between two global economic systems. The U.S., Great Britain, EU, NATO, and other nations and alliances are built upon preserving and strengthening the Transatlantic Union and the dollar as the defacto world currency. Russia, China, Iran, and the BRICS nations are attempting to topple the dollar as the world’s currency and replace it with multiple competing currencies or a new world currency….

From NewsMax (selling a newsletter):

For Immediate Release:
Adviser to 16 U.S. Intelligence Agencies, Including the CIA & NSA, Has Exposed a Covert Plan to Destroy the U.S. Economy Under . . .

The Glaziev Directive

September 2014

Six global giants have formed a $16.7 trillion alliance with a single goal of sabotaging the U.S. dollar and sending your money on a death spiral that could destroy up to 70% of American household wealth overnight. And here’s how they’re going to do it . . .

From MoneyMorning Australia’s Shea Smith:

Nuclear War? More like Financial Warfare

September 6, 2014

This week, Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to remind the world he is in control over what happens in the Ukraine.

‘I want to remind you that Russia is one of the most powerful nuclear nations. This is a reality, not just words,’ said Putin at a Youth Forum.
And supposedly in a phone call to European Union President Manuel Baroso, Putin said, ‘If I want, I take Kiev in two weeks.’ You’ll find that quote around the web. However, most have added in the words ‘could’ or ‘will’ in front of the ‘take’. I prefer to think Putin said it like a Neanderthal.
When Putin baits the press like this, it’s not surprising to see all the online news networks running with ‘nuclear war’ in a headline.
I don’t know the intricacies of the problems in the Ukraine and Russia. But I do know this: There will be no nuclear war.

To me, Putin is just talking up the threat of nuclear war. Let’s be honest — Russia isn’t the only country with these types of weapons. Under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), United States, United Kingdom, France and China are all nuclear weapon states. And there’re three or four countries either claiming, or suspected of having, nuclear weapons.Basically, each of these countries has the ability to inflict the same amount of damage on each other.Russia can remind the world it’s a nuclear power all it wants. But a bunch of other government officials also have access to weapons that could end the world…
There is something much more sinister than the empty threats of nuclear warfare. And that is financial warfare.
Warring countries tearing apart the financial system….

From Larry Elliott in the UK Guardian:

Russia and economic warfare: RIP the free market new world order

Russia faces damaging economic sanctions, but this also brings down the final curtain on capitalism’s apparent victory in 1989

August 31, 2014

It is a quarter of a century since the Berlin Wall came down. The cold war was eventually won by superior western economic power and a new era began once the communist regime collapsed in the Soviet Union and the two halves of Germany were reunited. For the first time in 25 years, the west is seriously worried about Russia. Ukraine’s president, Petro Poroshenko, said at the weekend his country was “close to a point of no return – full-scale war”. Russia faces the threat of tougher economic sanctions from the US and the European Union unless it withdraws its troops from eastern Ukraine.

Economic warfare has the potential to damage Russia just as it did in the 1980s. Indeed, sanctions are hurting the economy, making it more expensive to refinance loans and almost impossible to attract the foreign capital needed to modernise Russia’s energy sector. Growth has slowed to a standstill and the country will soon be in what could be a deep and prolonged recession.

If this of concern to Vladimir Putin, he has yet to show it. With the eurozone itself teetering on the brink of a fresh downturn, the Russian leader believes that in a war of sanctions between a west that is barely out of recession and a Russia accustomed to belt-tightening, it will be the west that blinks first. Whether he is right or not, one thing is clear: the era that began with the opening of the iron curtain is over….

This is just a small sampling of comments from the past two weeks by observers with a variety of backgrounds. It matches with what we warned the Pentagon about starting in 2008 and publicly after that. But even this recognition remains limited in scope relative to the huge threats we face. Go back through the past four years of posts in this Blog to get an idea of just how broad this global economic war really is.

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