ISIS Declares Cyber-Economic War

by Kevin D. Freeman on May 13, 2015


We’ve shared before the long-term goal of establishing an Islamic State that dates back to at least ten years ago. The timeline released to a Jordanian journalist is frightening to the degree that radical jihadists like al Qaeda and ISIS seem to be tracking with their plan. They mention electronic attacks (cyber) to commence in the 2010-2013 period, just before the “declaration of the state.”

2008.02.23-The-Global-War-on-Terrorism[1]_Page_051Just recently, we had an ISIS declaration of cyber warfare as described in a very recent CNN report.

Here is a Transcript via Gateway Pundit:

We were able until this moment to hack the website of the American leadership. And website of the Australian airport and many other websites. Despite spending billions to secure your electronic websites. Your security information is in our hands. You do not have the power to fight the Islamic State… By the help of Allah we will show our power to the West. Soon we will publish your plans that seek to fight Islam… We observe all the movements you are doing from your devices… Soon you will see how we control your electronic world… Today the electronic fields witness on our victory… Soon you won’t have any control over the internet.

This is how PJ Media interpreted the story:

ISIS Hackers Release New Video Threatening Cyberattacks, ‘Electronic War’ on U.S., Europe

After promising on social media that a “message to America” would be forthcoming at 2:00 EST Monday, a group of ISIS-affiliated hackers released a video at 2:10 Central in Arabic: “To the servants of the cross from the Earth to the digital world.”

A group calling itself the “Islamic State’s Defenders in the Internet” threatened to execute cyberattacks in the United States and Europe and claimed to have the ability to monitor electronic devices and communications of Americans and Europeans. In the video,a hooded and faceless figure is seen hunched over a laptop looking very much like the symbol of the hacker collective known as Anonymous. With Islamic chanting in the background, the figure reads a prepared script in Arabic with English subtitles.

According to the video, “the electronic war has not yet begun.”

As we have warned, the new battle field is cyber-economic. Only now, it seems, is the Defense establishment beginning to recognize the seriousness of this threat. If you haven’t developed a personal plan, you should get a copy of Game Plan; How to Protect Yourself from the Coming Cyber-Economic Attack.

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