What Happens in Paris DOESN’T Stay in Paris…and it Will Only Get Worse

by Kevin D. Freeman on November 14, 2015


The tragedy unfolding in Paris is horrible. It is also a natural result of an unrecognized war against Western Civilization for dominance on the planet. Our enemies understand this and are willing to pull out all stops. Yet, the West naively continues to act with arrogant ignorance to the true nature of what we are facing.

Open borders in Europe provided the opportunity for a handful of terrorists to slip into Paris. It only took a handful who were willing to die so that they could kill others and spew their hate. That handful could easily slip undetected in among unvetted refugees. An act of compassion for some opened the doors. Others believe that the flood was designed to change the political landscape. Immigrant populations have historically voted as a bloc for one side and that side wanted more voters. Others see mass immigration as a means of jihad to foment anti-Western hatred and a means for masses of non-Western people to take over the West. Regardless of the why, Paris is the result.

These concerns are not a war against immigration as some would characterize it. Immigration is a worthy endeavor of humanity as people cross borders and assimilate into new cultures seeking better lives for themselves and their children. It is also a true sign of human compassion as wealthier areas take in refugees to help them find better lives. But as Governor Bobby Jindal stated so clearly, “Immigration without assimilation is invasion.” And, invasion is an act of war.

There are a few critical points that must be understood in relation to what happened in Paris beyond the sadness and tragedy of more than 150 dead.

First, this is no longer confined to some faraway land. When something similar happened in Nairobi in 2013 and Mumbai in 2008 and 2011, Americans largely dismissed this as tragedy in exotic places of the Third World. Never mind that the Westgate Mall in Nairobi Kenya was as modern and upscale as any location in America. The attack in Mumbai happened in the financial district. It could easily have been London or Wall Street.

Second, it only takes a few terrorists who are willing to die to inflict hellish damage. While there were no doubt accomplices, the horrific damage was primarily inflicted by just eight attackers, seven of whom blew themselves up with suicide vests while the eighth was killed by police.

Third, we can see that Gun Control is not the answer. In fact, contrast the tragedy of Paris with the averted tragedy of Garland, Texas. One occurred in a city and nation with tightly controlled gun laws. The other was in Texas. Jihadis  don’t worry about gun laws. And they will kill with kitchen knives if given the chance. Take those away and rocks and clubs will be used. Of course, the same government that wants to disarm American citizens has been busy sending weapons to terrorists to fight in distant lands or allowing their sale to drug cartels. Then, that government leaves open borders and brings in refugees from the very same war-torn distant lands. Is there any wonder the weapons can get in as well, carried by the same people we gave or sold them to, entering through the openings we created?

Fourth, contrary to yesterday’s untimely assertion by President Obama, this is NOT contained. America remains in the crosshairs of ISIS and nearly every other major terror group on the planet. A Russian airplane was downed probably by ISIS with promised attacks in Moscow. Now Paris. Are we so arrogant as to believe America is exempt? To the contrary, America is considered perhaps the most important target of all.

Fifth, as tragic as it was, what happened in Paris is minor compared to what could be unleashed on America. Some terrorists want to takeover Europe, but destroy America. They might be more willing to do systemic damage. The FBI has admitted that there are around 1,000 ISIS probes already in the United States. Some may represent sleeper cells. Some may be highly skilled combatants placed strategically. Just imagine Paris times 1,000 or more.

We have long warned about Cyber attack or EMP to shutdown the electric grid or destroy our financial system or other aspect of critical infrastructure. These are all included in the al Qaeda and ISIS timelines for forcing Shariah on the world. These were written in strategic plans long ago and those informed have watched in horror as their timeline has been carried out in front of our eyes but ignored by the willfully blind. ISIS has already begun to probe how to destroy our grid according to CNN. Here are a few facts. 1) Our grid and infrastructure ARE vulnerable to cyber attacks. This is indisputable. Ted Koppel agrees. The current head of the NSA, Admiral Mike Rogers agrees. The former head of the NSA General Keith Alexander agrees. 2) ISIS and others already have the capability to conduct serious cyber attacks,  and can hire hackers as needed. 3) Terrorists can infiltrate sophisticated systems and open doors from the inside. 4) If the electric grid were to collapse or the internet-based financial system to disappear, it would likely end society as we know it. Some estimate that up to 90% of Americans might perish if the electric grid were down a year or longer. [Frightfully, the EMP risk is equally great but more likely from Iran or North Korea.]

Sixth, it is a false argument to compare Islamists with dedicated Christians or observant Jews. Too often the politically correct will avoid ascribing jihad as the motivation by Islamists. Or, they will try to tear down the faithful of other beliefs by comparison. That’s just nonsense as honest atheists and liberals admit, with Bill Maher making the point.

Finally, while the circumstances are obvious, the leftist media has already begun to spin that somehow this tragedy is the fault of those desiring to preserve their home rather than those attempting to destroy it. Salon Magazine, for example, used the tragedy to blast Bill O’Reilly, Ben Carson, Megyn Kelly and Fox News. Really? [Of course, this is the same Salon Magazine used the reality of cyber threats to the grid as a chance to blame conservatives for ignoring it, demonstrating a complete unhinge from truth.] In recent days, the left has been excoriating America because a student or two got their feelings hurt on a college campus. This dominated the headlines and forced the resignation of a University president. Really? We’ve already been told that our greatest national security threat is global warming, where a 0.006 degree average annual rise in temperature is considered far more dangerous than a passionate group of terrorists emerging from an ideology that may be represented by tens of millions of radicals? Then there’s the demand of some to jail anyone who dares deny the orthodoxy of global warming as our greatest threat. Really?

We can no longer ignore reality by sacrificing our future at the altar of political correctness. This is an existential threat to Western Civilization. For faithful Christians and Jews, the Bible provides a prescription but in our modern age too few have been willing to heed its sage advice. We have rotted from within and thus become vulnerable to external attack. The answer cannot simply be tighter security or even throwing money at the problem. Of course there are political answers we must pursue. We must enforce our borders. We must secure our infrastructure. We must target and remove systemic threats. We must stop the radical spread of thinking and attitudes that run contrary to the freedoms of our Constitution. Beyond that, however, to save our nation, those who believe in the one true creator God should obey His Word that promises our land will be healed:

The Lord God says: “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”
(2 Chronicles 7:14 NKJV)

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