WARNING ORDER: China Prepares for Conflict and Why We Must Do the Same

by Kevin D. Freeman on June 22, 2016


I was honored to join a select group of experts warning America about developing Chinese threats. My section deals with the economic threats and includes a section on the overwhelming intellectual property theft that has taken place over the past couple of decades. Some estimates suggest that up to $5 trillion per year has been stolen from our economy. That is almost unfathomable. If those figures are even close to correct, our economy has been seriously shortchanged with our GDP growth rate cut sharply. If we had an extra $5 trillion per year, even ignoring the lost compounding potential, our economy would be almost a third larger. Wonder where Middle Class gains have gone? Here is an answer.

Now, we shouldn’t forget where this China issue began. It started 20 years ago with about $3 million in illicit contributions to the DNC in a massive scandal for the Clinton Administration as explained in this Senate Report. It seems the DNC got $3 million and America lost $5 trillion…per year. Looks like a pretty good investment. Interestingly, the Chinese man at the center of the scandal, Little Rock restaurateur Charlie Trie, was arrested last year by the FBI for some strange doings with large amounts of cash (some $4.5 million brought into the United States). It is important to note that China’s economy didn’t really take off until America opened up the spigots and that coincided with the donations to American politicians. This isn’t some “right-wing” conspiracy. The truth was reported by all major news outlets at he time including left-leaning ones. The intent to buy influence was clear and it clearly proved effective despite the indictments handed down.

Add to that the intense Unrestricted Warfare focus of the PLA and it becomes clear how China could grow so rapidly as America languished. Sure there are a lot of problems in China and smoke and mirrors at work. But the truth is that their economy has grown much more rapidly than has ours and IP theft is one of the reasons. Of course, there is also currency manipulation and all-out economic warfare as explained in my chapter of Warning Order. And that is just ONE chapter in an incredible book written by top experts.

This is the release about the book from the publisher:

13 June 2016



(Washington, DC): Ever since Richard Nixon opened relations with Communist China, Chinese intentions have been a matter of incessant and often fevered speculation in this country. In particular, national security and regional experts, non-governmental organizations and office-holders alike have endlessly debated whether the People’s Republic of China could be brought into a U.S.-dominated international order and world economy in a manner consistent with American interests.

We now know the answer to this question. Veteran national security journalist Bill Gertz, in a 13 May 2016 Washington Free Beacon article, described a new Pentagon report that concluded China’s military underwent a major restructuring last year. What is particularly alarming was the report’s conclusion that the purpose of that Chinese reorganization is to prepare for war. According to Mr. Gertz, it is meant to enable the PRC to execute updated strategies to conduct regional and cyber warfare, to seize control of the South China Sea, to dominate space and to expand the Chinese military’s capability to operate far from Chinese territory.

Admiral James “Ace” Lyons introduces the themes of the new book.

Earlier this spring, the Center for Security Policy asked some of America’s most thoughtful national security professionals and “China hands” to examine the state and implications of such Chinese preparations. The result is a collection of their essays entitled, Warning Order: China Prepares for Conflict and Why We Must Do the Same. They document how, under successive regimes in Beijing – and most especially that of the PRC’s incumbent ruler, Xi Jinping – the Chinese have relentlessly striven to put themselves in a position to challenge, and ultimately to displace, the post-World War II Pax Americana with a new order. The unmistakable objective of the Communist Chinese is to return their nation to what has long been considered its rightful place as the Middle Kingdom, the preeminent global power, strategically and economically.Google ChromeScreenSnapz001

In addition to Bill Gertz, the other contributors to Warning Order are: Gordon Chang, Dean Cheng, Fred Fleitz, Kevin Freeman, Admiral Ace Lyons, Dr. Peter Navarro, Lindsey Neas and Senator . Center President Frank Gaffney provides a foreword. The authors’ clear-eyed and well-documented assessments, that draw upon their various perspectives and fields of expertise, expose a reality that can no longer be safely ignored: China is putting itself in a position to engage in conflict with the United States across a broad front and potentially with decisively devastating results. This prospect has been exacerbated by huge defense budget and force structure cuts under the Obama administration.


On the occasion of the publication of this newest product of the Center for Security Policy Press, Frank Gaffney remarked: “Warning Order could not be more timely. Its extraordinary contributors have rendered a real public service by putting policymakers and the public on notice about Chinese ambitions and preparations for conflict. In so doing, they make it abundantly clear that America must make a dramatic policy course-correction – or face the dire strategic, economic and security repercussions of its possibly violent displacement as the dominant power in the Pacific and an indispensable, stabilizing factor in East Asia.”

Warning Order is available for purchase in Kindle and paperback format at Amazon.com. It also can be read online for free as a PDF or downloaded.

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