Soros Unmasked?

by Kevin D. Freeman on August 16, 2016


Last month, we published an important Blog Post titled Reflexivity:  How to Profit from Your Own Mischief. This is an important read as it points out how Mr. George Soros admitted to funding open borders and then sought to profit from the ensuing chaos in Europe. He has even coined a term for this type of activity as the Theory of Reflexivity.

As a reminder, Mr. Soros has been credited with “breaking the bank of England,” convicted of insider trading, and accused of trying to destroy the Malaysian economy for fun and profit. The Chinese authors of Unrestricted Warfare basically called him a “financial terrorist.” Others have accused him of funding social unrest in the United States, ironically following the Unrestricted Warfare playbook. Mr. Soros has been accused of bankrolling leftist movements to cause street riots in America. Before that, he was predicting a “summer of riots” in America.

Now, a hacker has accessed and published some of Mr. Soros’ emails. The findings appear to confirm many of the things long said about him. Here are a few of the findings:

  1. Mr. Soros has indeed been funding open border policies. Of course we knew that. But now, it is confirmed that he has done this to create immigration issues in order to extend his global influence. Let that sink in. Has he been playing immigration god to strengthen his global influence? Beyond that, he wants to promote the immigration crisis as a “new normal” and perpetuate it rather than solve it. When you put this in context with the fact that he has sought to profit from European turmoil, you get an idea of just how insidious this has become.
  2. Mr. Soros with his Open Society have apparently been attempting to influence elections. We knew this already of course but the coordination is incredible.
  3. Mr. Soros was advising Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State. Some say he gave her “marching orders.” Given his desire for a “new normal” in Europe (which seems a good deal like immigration chaos) this is pretty disturbing. The consistent themes seem to be control for him and chaos for the people. Does anyone doubt that Mrs. Clinton will continue to be beholden to him if in the White House?
  4. Mr. Soros has indeed been funding “social justice” efforts that many suspect are linked to the riots and chaos we are now facing. The media has largely covered up the most troubling aspects of these movements and the people who may have legitimate grievances are being used as puppets to achieve political ends.
  5. Mr. Soros has been funding anti-Israel efforts. From Fox News: Separately, the billionaire’s Soros Open Society Foundation reportedly sought to challenge what were described in documents as “Israel’s racist and anti-democratic policies” in part by “questioning Israel’s reputation as a democracy.” 
  6. Finally, Mr. Soros has been funding efforts to undermine Frank Gaffney, Pam Geller, Robert Spencer and others. Why? In part, because they have warned about radical Islam and immigration infiltration. If people listened to these patriots, they would oppose policies of open borders. They have warned America to not go down the same suicide path as Europe. I know a bit about Mr. Soros and his “opposition research.” Shortly after my Pentagon report went public, Media Matters did a hit piece on me. We know Mr. Soros funded Media Matters. We also know that Media Matters used the Soros money to attack opponents of their leftist agenda. My research was the subject of one of the attacks, calling it “anti Muslim.” I could go line by line and refute their false points. And, all the key leftists rags carried the talking points. Be assured that the Pentagon DID NOT walk away from my research and it was included in multiple additional reports by critical agencies in the Department of Defense and supported by continuing study (all AFTER Salon declared the Pentagon wanted nothing further to do with my work). I was called to speak at the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), Naval War College, Naval Postgraduate School, ONA (Office of Net Assessment), DARPA, and to multiple high-ranking officers across the military (many of whom have endorsed my books) sometimes in settings that cannot be made public. But that is not the point of this Blog. The point is that Soros has been funding opposition research using Media Matters and others to try to discredit those warning America. At a personal level, this is quite disturbing. Just minutes after Media Matters called me “anti Muslim,” my wife received a very direct emailed death threat at her personal (unpublished) email. At a political level, it is extremely disturbing that this billionaire has been trying to silence key voices like Frank Gaffney.

The bottom lines is that this email hack has documented a number of critical truths. We now know for certain what George Soros has been funding and why. Keep watching for further revelations as the released documents are scrutinized.

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