A Conspiracy Against the Dollar? Actual Foreign Collusion

by Kevin D. Freeman on September 29, 2018


‘We can’t bear any more’: US pressure makes Brussels look for SWIFT alternatives, Max Otte says

EU, China, Russia Hatch Plan To Protect Companies Against Trump’s Iran Sanctions

Pompeo: European allies are financing Iranian terrorism

Europe Unveils “Special Purpose Vehicle” To Bypass SWIFT, Jeopardizing Dollar’s Reserve Status

Claim: Former Obama Officials Advising Europe to Evade Iran Sanctions

Those are the facts. Here are the observations:

  1. It is unacceptable for a former Secretary of State to interfere with current diplomacy. Remember how the partisan Democrats were so concerned that incoming National Security Advisor Lt. General Mike Flynn not be allowed to speak to foreign leaders? They claimed he was violating the Logan Act even though it was his duty to prepare a smooth transition. The hypocrisy is unimaginable as they stay silent on a true violation. It is completely incomprehensible for John Kerry to be involved here. It is understandable for an incoming Presidential adviser to begin discussions. A former adviser should never be allowed to work against current policy, however. The former Secretary of State was essentially colluding with European leaders against official American policy.
  2. What the European leaders have chosen to do in response is exactly what John Kerry telegraphed should be their response. They are talking about undermining the U.S. dollar’s reserve currency status.
  3. If the dollar were to suddenly lose it’s reserve currency status, it would precipitate a massive financial crisis. This very likely would hammer our economy, American savings, and hurt our government’s fiscal situation. It would also destroy any reelection hopes for President Trump, something some of the left are hoping to see. Could we consider this attempted political interference?
  4. In 1983, Senator Ted Kennedy attempted to collude with a foreign power (the former Soviet Union) to bring down a Presidential administration. He didn’t believe that President Reagan;s strategy could win the Cold War so he made overtures (in violation of the law and Constitutional authority) to collude with the KGB in defeating a sitting President. This is really beyond question although the media has ignored the inconvenient truth. It seems as if it is acceptable to collude against a Republican President even if it puts all of us at risk.
  5. Our adversaries are almost gleeful over the idea of undermining the President and harming the dollar.

The bottom line for all of this is that political collusion is underway only this time it is directly putting your savings and economic future at risk. The media is leading a circus around multiple issues but has failed to report this very serious problem. 


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