An Interesting Theory: Could China Be Involved in the Impeachment Push?

by Kevin D. Freeman on September 30, 2019

It really is curious how the current impeachment push seems so well orchestrated yet appeared out of nowhere. There are many suspicious elements. Here are a few:

  1. How is it that the Democrats were calling for impeachment BEFORE the whistleblower report was seen? Or the transcript of the Ukrainian call in question? The Dems are rushing to judgment for sure.
  2. Why didn’t the release of the whistleblower claims, that proved to be way off base given the transcript, put the matter to rest?
  3. Why has the potential bias of the whistleblower been ignored?
  4. Why didn’t the fact that the Ukrainian president never felt pressured end the matter?
  5. How could there be leaks of the super-sensitive communications from the President in the White House?
  6. Why did the whistleblower form get changed to allow hearsay information when previously first-hand knowledge was required by the form?
  7. Why is the attention all on Trump and not on Joe Biden and his son where actual money changed hands, where pressure was applied on the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor, and where there was clear government collusion with Democrats to influence the 2016 election.

One of the most troubling aspects to me is the idea that the President’s negotiations with foreign officials should be subjected to armchair quarterbacking in almost real time by political opponents and a media bent on his destruction. 

All of the charges made prior to the release of transcript and whistleblower report proved to be way off the mark. There was no “quid pro quo.” That has not seemed to dissuade the constant news cycle from demanding impeachment. Never mind that any honest observers, including liberals, recognize that there has been no actual crime committed by President Trump and that the bias that overlooks Biden is so partisan as to be laughable.

One aspect of all of this that has not been explored but must at least be put on the table is the role that China may be playing. Understand that China stands the most to gain from a weakened Trump White House. Also, recognize that Chinese doctrine states categorically, in the published book Unrestricted Warfare, that “…a single rumor or scandal that…exposes the leaders of an enemy country on the Internet…[is] a new-concept weapon…”

So, here is the question: Would China have the ability to listen in on President Trump’s telephone calls? When you consider there are two parties on the calls, you have to conclude that it is possible. We know that the President’s private calls with Mexico, Australia, and now the Ukraine have been leaked. I would suggest that it is equally possible for China to be the leaker as someone inside the White House. Remember that it IS possible to listen in on foreign leader’s calls as history has proven (Obama ordered wiretaps on Germany’s Merkel, for example). In addition, we know that China has used telecom equipment (much of which they produced) to spy on foreign governments.

Now, if China had access to at least some of President Trump’s phone calls, would they use the information to embarrass him and strengthen their position in the ongoing economic dispute? Of course they would!

One more question for good measure. If the Democrats used the information produced by Chinese spying to influence the 2020 election or spark impeachment hearings, could this be deemed a type of collision? Can we get Mr. Mueller to investigate????

Don’t forget that the Chinese placed a spy on the staff of Senator Diane Feinstein. The truth is that China has spies all over Washington. And we may have just seen a major Chinese information operation launched against the President of the United States. This must at least be put on the table. It comes at the very time that the Administration is considering the status of Chinese companies on American markets, a true threat to our nation’s security. The stakes are very high.

Bottom line:  The push for Impeachment may well be another chapter in the ongoing global economic war. Let’s pray for the truth to come out!


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