Why Do They Refuse to Look at Voting Machine Vulnerabilities?

by Kevin D. Freeman on December 21, 2020

It is now viewed as “conspiracy theory” to consider whether or not voting machines can be hacked to change an election. This in itself is telling because it was almost universally accepted fact that machines could be hacked prior to the 2020 election. Denying these vulnerabilities smacks of the same kind of overt political narrative and censorship as we have seen during the Trump presidency. It really is gaslighting. We were told that Russia colluded to put Trump in the White House but the extensive Mueller investigation was unable to prove that. Primarily, they bought Facebook ads with little real effect. This may be meddling but was not collusion. Now, we have the declassified truth. The Clinton campaign spread the rumor of Russian collusion to distract from her email scandal and the Intelligence Community knew it.

Likewise there has been plenty of disinformation regarding Covid that clearly served a political agenda. And we were told that Trump had to be impeached for Ukraine dealings only to learn of Hunter Biden’s involvement there and Joe Biden’s demand that a prosecutor be fired (who was allegedly investigating Burisma where Hunter served as a highly compensated board member despite lacking any justifiable experience). Then, of course, we were repeatedly told by the media that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation. Anyone who bothers to check will learn that the laptop is real and has triggered Federal investigations. Yet there was a media blackout and social media censorship of the truth prior to the election.

Now, the new gaslight treatment is regarding the absolute certainty that the 2020 election was 100% legitimate. CISA says that it was “the most secure election in history.” Courts have rejected any case that wants to consider evidence of election fraud on largely procedural grounds, pointing to media denials. The media points to court rejections. Both point back to CISA, which produced a document that appears to have been written, at least in part, by the voting machine companies themselves. Despite this, a plurality of 46% of the American electorate believes that significant fraud took place compared to 45% who disagree. Even the head of the Federal Election Commission has admitted there was fraud.

[By the way, the “one stop shop” for the TRUTH about the 2020 election is EveryLegalVote.com. You can go there for the latest news, memes, videos, contests, and an opportunity to take action, including personal reporting or contacting officials.]

Some are saying that to question the election results at this point is sedition or treason. Amazingly these are the same people who felt it patriotic to question the 2016 results. No one called Jimmy Carter seditious or treasonous. Talk about hypocrisy! Others (such as Obama) say that to investigate the election undermines democracy. My answer to them is that stifling free speech and preventing investigation does far more damage to our freedom. Yet, the social media and “mainstream” media have instituted rules censoring discussion for the first time ever. That, in itself, is curious. What are they afraid that We the People might learn? 

Here are four undeniable truths regarding the 2020 election and voting machines that you should consider:

1. Prior to November 3, 2020, it was not only acceptable to question voting machine vulnerabilities, it was basically considered a universal truth that the machines were vulnerable.

There is a very long list of people who were quite clear in their concern that voting machines could be rigged or hacked (at least before this election). These include the HBO documentary Killchain, PBS, NPR, the New York Times, the Denver Post, multiple other experts, and prestigious academicians. And of course, there were questions by liberal Democrats including Elizabeth Warren. But now, if you dare question the machines, you may be committing high treason. Unless, of course, you question how a Republican like Mitch McConnell won and then it’s ok. [Maybe that is why McConnell doesn’t want Trump to look into election fraud????]

I did an expose on this almost two years ago in Episode 21 of the Economic War Room with multiple follow ups since. So far, our reporting remains available to those who wish to see it. [But beware! Since it is no longer politically correct to point out the well-established scientific fact (can be observed and repeatedly demonstrated) that voting machines can be hacked, you may find the information wiped from the Internet at some point. We have preserved our shows on XOTV.me and starting to do so on Rumble, just in case.]

2. There are clear and undeniable statistical anomalies in 2020 that in the past would have been considered strong evidence of fraud demanding investigation.

Not only is it true that the machines can be hacked or manipulated, it is also true that there is strong statistical evidence that they were hacked or manipulated. And the statistical analysis is the type that is used to identify fraud all the time and can be used in court as evidence.

In 2012, the National Academy of Science published a well-researched report that stated without hesitation that statistical modeling could identify election fraud. In fact, that historically has been considered an almost universal truth. Prior to 2020, the only ones who seemed to disagree were those who were considered cheaters themselves.

Here is my interview with fraud detector Jay Valentine whose team built the eBay fraud detection system and has been used to root out Medicare fraudHere is an analysis of Arizona based on statistical evidence.

Here is a thorough analysis of what the author describes as “the Dominion effect.” Also mentioned here. And another report. Ben Turner started his analysis in order to disprove the wild theory that Dominion machines altered the election results. What he found instead was clear statistical evidence that they did. Here is further evidence and analysis from an MIT PhD as presented in Arizona legislature hearings. And more analysis, as shown in charts.

When you start with the premise that the machines are vulnerable to manipulation and then you see strong statistical evidence showing the huge probability that they were manipulated, that should be sufficient to take a thorough look see, right?

3. The media, the courts, and election officials refuse to let anyone investigate properly. Why?

Given the seriousness of the issue and the realities of points #1 and #2, you would think it would be natural to examine the machines thoroughly. And none of this nonsense that the machines never connect to the Internet. That has been proven unequivocally false by the non-partisan Killchain documentary. And, even if that were true, the use of thumb drives and cards could create the same effect without being detected.

The other misleading answer is that a full hand recount will prove that the machines were accurate. Many will point to the Antrim County, Michigan count as proof. Three problems with that. First, the hand count did not match the final reported results and was quite different from the initial reports. The hand count added votes to Trump’s total victory while the earliest reports were of a Biden win. The final difference compared to initial count was huge, in fact. Second, as an expert in Killchain warned before the election, if the Dominion machines are initially corrupted, it may be impossible to get an accurate hand recount. Third, in the case of a conspiracy, there could be fake ballots injected into the mix. We offered a solution to that with a thorough digital scan of all ballots that would determine which were real and which were fake.

Despite all of the concerns, however, the media has chosen to whitewash the problem, using “fact checking” as its control mechanism. Worse still, YouTube has created a new policy allowing them to remove any video after December 8 that questions the election results. Other social media have also banned or shadow banned such discussions as well. As for the regular media, another voting machine company, Smartmatic (which does appear to have Venezuela as well as George Soros connections/relationships), threatened Fox News and other outlets for mentioning them unfavorably in this context. Sadly, even Lou Dobbs and Maria Bartiromo had to run a whitewash video. Watch it and see if you believe he is telling you the whole truth.

For the most part, the Courts have likewise ignored cases calling for a look at the machines. One notable exception was in Antrim County, Michigan, where a group was allowed to do a forensic review. The report appears damning although it was almost immediately challenged by the Dominion CEO. From my perspective, however, the Dominion CEO appeared evasive, to say the least, and others seem to agree. When the Antrim report was presented by Russ Ramsland, it was filled with court-ordered redactions. Why? What is being hidden?

In Arizona, a State Senate committee subpeonaed the machines and also the ballots for a thorough forensic audit. They should have authority as the Constitution rests responsibility for Federal Elections in the state legislatures. But the election officials in Maricopa County refuse to comply and have even sued to stop the review. Again, what are they hiding? They are claiming some kind of extraordinary privilege to protect identities. But the fact is that they themselves access this information and hire minimum wage workers to do the same. And please don’t tell me that the precinct workers and election officials are “nonpartisan.” We know better.

In Georgia, the hand recounts are questionable as well, having been done without a signature audit. Some Georgia officials openly acknowledge that the machines can be used to change votes but have been ignored. There are also reports of machine tabulation errors that some point to as potential evidence of fraud. Finally, Killchain warned specifically about Georgia’s use of Dominion machines BEFORE the election, stating that they could prevent accurate recounts. The State of Texas specifically rejected the use of Dominion machines with similar concerns.

The bottom line is that the American people deserve to know the truth of what happened. [Check out our Truth Summit and Economic Battle Plan™.] When more people believe the election was rigged than believe it was fair, it is essential to get the truth one way or another. 

4. Those who should be watching out for us have acted very strangely. Why?

In the most recent Episode of the Economic War Room, we presented truths that demonstrate that the corruption was planned in advance. This should upset every honest American, regardless of party affiliation! It appears that, at a minimum, the “Deep State” bureaucracy has been actively avoiding the hardening of our election infrastructure.

First, we have the testimony of Colonel John Mills, US Army (ret) who served as former director of cybersecurity policy, strategy, and international affairs at the Department of Defense. Colonel Mills shared that the Obama team chose to kill an NSA program looking into voting machine technology as part of the transition process. This is despite the fact that they seem to love every other program related to cyber security. Curious, no? Watch Colonel Mills here:

Second, we have the personal testimony of Russ Ramsland (and I can attest to this myself). Russ and ASOG attempted to warn CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) well in advance of the election regarding the vulnerability of voting machines. Yet, even after the offices of US Senators arranged a formal in-person meeting with Director Chris Krebs and the election staff, the briefing (presumably due to Covid) was changed to a 1.5-hour “Go-To-Meeting.” Then, the cyber geniuses at CISA apparently weren’t able to figure out “Go-To-Meeting.” This was in the summer of 2020! Even technology-challenged grandparents were proficient in online meetings by then.

Sadly, the 1.5-hour meeting was denigrated to a 15-minute phone call and it was held without the director or the election specialists. Basically, they dodged the meeting. Watch Russ and learn how others in CISA did grasp the warning but were also rebuffed:

Keep in mind that it was CISA and Chris Krebs who claimed that the 2020 election was “the most secure” ever. They did so almost immediately after the election and without any examination of either the statistical evidence or the machines themselves. And apparently, they ignored the packets of information being sent overseas and seemingly witnessed by our allies. The guys who ignored warnings in advance were quick to say, “nothing to see here.” How convenient!

BTW, the media (and the far left) loved Chris Krebs after he was fired, claiming he was this marvelous truth teller who had diligently protected our nation’s infrastructure. Then, we learned of the devastating Solar Winds hack. Chris tried to spin it as his firing made us more vulnerable, implying somehow that his genius might have prevented it. Sorry, Chris! This happened months ago on your watch and you know it. Even the media has backed away from portraying you as the cyber genius! And yes, Dominion did use Solar Winds (even if not the Orion platform), despite the misleading denials.

Finally, we have the media outing and attacking a whistleblower who happens to be a disabled army veteran who served America in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Josh Merritt reported on voting machine vulnerabilities nearly two years before this election. Then, after the election, he provided explosive evidence that demonstrated his concerns to Sidney Powell and the legal teams. rather than looking at his evidence, however, the Washington Post did a “hit piece” to attack him. Wait! I thought whistleblowers were essential and should be protected! Again, mass hypocrisy. I interviewed Josh as well and it is well worth watching:

THESE ARE IMPORTANT TRUTHS! The three videos above were bonus footage from Economic War Room’s Episode 118.  You can watch and share the actual Episode and read the Economic Battle Plan™ for more on this important topic. [We made both available free and outside the Blaze paywall.] In the event that YouTube tries to censor it, you can watch it on XOTV or Rumble. We have just provided testimony that our government purposely shut down the very things that might have prevented this election chaos! They could have instilled confidence in advance with either the 2008 NSA program (shut down by Obama) or by at least listening to valid concerns earlier this year (dodging a huge push for meetings from US Senators and their own department in lower ranks). Ask yourself WHY?????? this is clearly a smoking gun that should not be ignored!

As said in Hamlet, “something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” I suppose Shakespeare’s Marcellus could be viewed as a conspiracy theorist but, he was in fact, right. There is something clearly rotten here as well. STAY TUNED!

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