Why They Are So Desparate and Moving So Quickly

by Kevin D. Freeman on April 25, 2021

Have you wondered why the push is so great now to remake America in a communist image? The supposedly moderate Biden administration is rushing headlong into adopting leftist-progressive policies and then to permanentize them so they may never be changed. While this is not what the electorate was expecting, it was actually what was promised in whispers. Bernie Sanders shared that Biden would be the most progressive president in history (or at least since FDR) and even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pleased with the first 100 days. It is sort of like how candidate Obama promised to heal the race divide but then by all accounts made it worse. Those blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome went along, voting for Biden with the hope he would bring balance to American politics. Little did they realize that electing Biden was akin to placing Senator Palpatine as the Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.

Biden and/or the people behind him have begun to consolidate power by any and every means possible. Long-held traditions are being shoved aside and even the Constitution is being ignored in some cases. It is all playing out like a bad movie with some American voters playing the role of Jar Jar Binks.

Of course, anyone with “eyes to see” knew this would be coming. In fact, we had an entire episode of the Economic War Room dedicated to this warning. The show was “Playing for Keeps” and it aired October 29th, just before the November election. You can download the Economic Battle Plan™ here and watch the full show on YouTube (or XOTV if they yank the YouTube).

Of course, any similarity of physical appearance between President Biden and Palpatine is purely coincidental. Sadly, however, the strategy of permanently changing our government and electoral process is similarly menacing. The HR-1/S-1 effort is just the beginning. Rather than go into all the detail here, let me just suggest you watch the Economic War Room episode we aired at the end of February. The YouTube is below and if they pull it, you can watch on XOTV.

Unfortunately, the effort to permanently change our election process is just one of the many steps being pushed. The others include plans to:

The truth is that the progressives really are playing for keeps. And they are applying every possible means to complete the takeover. This includes silencing any opposition on social media and elsewhere and enlisting corporations to push their agenda. How else can you explain Coke’s foolish attempts to interfere in the Georgia election process? Does Coke want to be so “woke” as to offend the 74+ million Trump voters?

The reality is that many American corporations are completely out of touch with their primary shareholders and customers. They perhaps are looking forward to the consolidation of power and the powerful role they will have with it. We see limits on speech and the “terms of service” they will foist on unwitting Americans who willingly give up liberty for convenience and promises of security.

But here is the question. Why are they moving so rapidly? The plan previously had been to cook us in the kettle by slowly increasing the temperature. The answer is Donald Trump.

The power elite were shocked by Trump’s 2016 election and the rollback policies he implemented. They hated him for it and did everything possible to remove him, including two impeachments. They even have demonized political discourse. Yes, those who broke into the Capitol on January 6 or acted violently deserve condemnation. But the people throwing stones live in a glass house because so many of them either supported riots across the country or failed to condemn them.

The progressive left know that it is now or never. They know that they have the slimmest of margins in the Congress. They understand that without the harsh and consistent media attacks, a pandemic, and major electoral changes in 2020, Donald Trump was destined for a second term, something they could not survive. They also know that their policies could lead to disaster. Even Bill Maher understands that limiting speech and pushing communism are bad for America.

If the progressives don’t take over now, their failing policies will lead directly to a complete rebuke in the 2022 election, now just 15 months away. We (hopefully) will be past the pandemic and the American people will want their civil liberties back. More honest liberals (as opposed to leftists) will speak up like Bill Maher. In addition, the tax increases and new overwhelming regulations will begin to crush the economy. People will yearn for the robust growth we were experiencing before the pandemic. The racial tensions and “defund the police” movement will have made our streets dangerous. Black communities understand this but are being ignored. The hypocrisy of the Marxist founders will have been exposed. That’s why they are moving so quickly. If they take control now, they will be positioned to squelch any dissent. They believe this to be true and have been encouraged by how easily they silenced dissent on covid.

In other words, to the left it is now or never. Let’s make it never! It is up to God-fearing Americans and lovers of personal liberty to WAKE UP, STAND UP, and SPEAK UP! And we must do so in a non-violent, freedom-loving way. I believe in my heart that there are many more of us who love personal liberty, regardless of ethnic or political background, than those who want a “collective” in control. StopCorporateTyranny.org is an excellent place to learn more.

When the people made their voices heard to “woke” corporations, guess what happened? Some corporations chose to back down! We are in an economic war. Some of the battle is foreign (as in China) and some domestic. If we weaponize our money (spending, giving, and investing), we can win. The far left understands this and that’s why they are pushing so hard now.

So here is your assignment. Learn about LSV investing. Use a Salt and Light approach to investing. Learn more in the Economic War Room.


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