2021 REWIND: Exposing 8 Political Lies

by Kevin D. Freeman on December 31, 2021

Before we look forward into 2022, we should at least briefly reflect on 2021.

This past year was …. well … interesting. The challenges were severe, both natural and man-made. We live with the consequences of our collective actions and decisions. 2021 was no exception.

The current episode of Economic War Room does a good job of explaining what happened and sets us up for a better understanding of what may lie ahead in 2022. Unfortunately, YouTube banned the video for violating their community standards. Ironically, this ban proves one of the major points we made in the video itself. Besides that, what they claim to be a violation simply is not one. Here is the “strike” warning.


Here is the “community standard” we supposedly violated https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/10835034?hl=en

  • Election integrity: Content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches changed the outcome of select past national elections, after final election results are officially certified. This currently applies to:
    • Any past U.S. Presidential election
    • The 2021 German federal election

Now, here is what we said in the video:


“Remember when we were told that 2020 was ‘the most secure election in history?’ Well after reflection and the start of state audits (like Arizona), it has become obvious that the last election was an absolute mess. Despite most of the media silencing anyone who even raised a question about the possibility of fraud, most Americans know something was very wrong. In fact, even respected left-leaning pollsters have to admit that a large percentage of Americans believe that Biden won only by fraud. Look at this headline from The Hill reporting on the Monmouth poll.”

First, the Monmouth Poll did point out that one-third of Americans believe Biden won by fraud. They did not say ‘he did win by fraud,’ they said that one-third of Americans believe he did.  Second, saying the election was an absolute mess made obvious by the Arizona audit process is also pretty undeniable, regardless of your political affiliation. Either the Arizona audit uncovered serious issues, or it was a serious issue in itself given the circus atmosphere. One or the other (or even both) must be true. But stating that reality should not be considered a violation of the YouTube guidelines. There is no claim that these changed the outcome of the election. The only claim is that the process was a mess. Finally, the very fact that YouTube removed our content (that does not violate their guidelines as written) proves our point that the media will silence anyone who even raised a question about the possibility of fraud. No wonder Americans know that something is very wrong. Since YouTube will allow no further appeals, we will move to a Higher Authority with an Appeal to Heaven. Who knows, the YouTube “gods” might find America’s first flag offensive as well. YouTube can attempt to cancel us, but if our appeal to Heaven goes through, they should be the ones who are worried about being cancelled.
Speaking of cancelling, Facebook and Instagram recently punished a user for simply posting a quote from secular founding father Thomas Paine. According to the quote, the fact that we are willing to offend means we might be honest, but apparently YouTube and Facebook are not.
You can rest assured that we intend to share the truth regardless of whether or not some find it offensive. Truth is truth. While we want to speak the truth in love (as Ephesians 4 commands), we do not believe avoiding the truth on important matters can ever be loving.
Given all of that, you might want to watch the current episode that was banned by YouTube. Let us know if you find it offensive. We are certain you will find it honest! You can still watch it on multiple channels including BlazeTV, Liftabletv, or Rumble even if YouTube banned it. Here is a link to the XOTV version (free). And here is a link to the Economic Battle Plan™ that goes with the show.
You will learn about eight major lies the media told and how Americans are beginning to see through them. You will learn the four major predictions we made for 2021 and how each came true. One of the big ones was INFLATION. We covered that in this blog in detail back in February (when all the “experts” were saying inflation was “transitory.” In the episode and Battle Plan, you will also get an Action Plan for what you need to do in 2022. Next week’s episode of Economic War Room will go into even greater detail on the action plan.
After watching the year-end episode, take a look at this Editorial in today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal (published online last night). It kind of echoes the same themes. And that’s the point! Americans are waking up to the dystopian disinformation campaign by elites. That is a good sign for the New Year!

The Conformity Crackup of 2021

From Covid lockdowns to crime and cops, the political-media consensus was wrong.

The topics they cover are remarkably similar to ours. Wonder if YouTube and Facebook would silence them for disinformation?
It’s time for all of us to make an Appeal to Heaven! It’s time for us to realize that “woke” has failed us. That fear of offense is destructive if it keeps us from facing the truth!
BTW, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2022 can be a great one!
Our New Year’s resolutions are built around returning to the truth and helping to wake others up before it’s too late. Will you join us?


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