The Winds of War (Part One)

January 29, 2018

Share this…emailFacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+RedditThere is a lot of positive economic news. Economic growth has substantially strengthened in the wake of regulatory reform, corporate repatriation, and tax cuts. The stock market is at all-time highs. Interest rates are appearing to normalize, at least in small measure. Despite this, according to this week’s BARRON’S, capital is fleeing the US […]

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Facing the Darkest Hour

January 23, 2018

Share this…emailFacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+Reddit I saw Darkest Hour this past weekend for the second time and I plan to see it a third before it leaves the theaters. Like Dunkirk, this movie carries a powerful yet historical message of inspiration. It also has multiple lessons for students of Economic Warfare with significant application for today. This blog […]

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The Scary Thing About Bitcoin’s Amazing Rise

December 11, 2017

Share this…emailFacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+RedditThere are many reasons to marvel at the remarkable ascendance of Bitcoin. The technology behind it is amazing. The idea that a crypto currency even exists is pretty impressive. Yes, there are lots of issues associated. But one thing is for certain. The price of Bitcoin has skyrocketed this year. From pennies per coin […]

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The War on Free Speech and How to Fight Back

December 3, 2017

Share this…emailFacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+RedditThe First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees free speech for all Americans. Unfortunately, there are many efforts in the courts and culture to remove that right and restrict the people’s right to speak, express, or even think. Hate speech, blasphemy laws, and political correctness are all being used to silence anything that goes against […]

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Economic Strength is the Key to National Security

November 24, 2017

Share this…emailFacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+RedditBefore anything else, we must express our Thanksgiving for the remarkable gift we have been given of life and freedom. It is a precious gift and an important part of the pursuit of peace, something sorely lacking in this tumultuous world. In fact, the Bible gives us a powerful prayer formula for finding peace […]

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The Next Financial Attack

November 13, 2017

Share this…emailFacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+RedditThree separate news items of the last week point to the serious trouble we may face in the next financial crisis. At present, all things seem pretty good. The stock market is at record highs. The President just returned from his Asia trip with multiple promises of new business for American companies. Tax cuts […]

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Aramco, The Purge, and the Chinese Attack on the Dollar

November 6, 2017

Share this…emailFacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+RedditThere is so much international activity right now that is slipping under the radar of most Americans. While the news has been dominated with stories of whether or not the DNC rigged the primary for Hillary Clinton and also word of the tragic shooting at a Texas church, the geopolitical spectrum is lit up […]

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The Home Game Has Arrived: Lessons from the 10th Asymmetric Threat Symposium

October 31, 2017

Share this…emailFacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+Reddit Last week I was privileged to attend the 10th Asymmetric Threat Symposium. It’s not the first of these I’ve attended but was clearly the best. Maybe the participants felt less restrained by politics and thus spoke more directly to the issues we truly face. Or maybe the quality of experts is rising. For […]

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The End of “Sue and Settle” is Great News on the EW Front

October 26, 2017

Share this…emailFacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+Reddit We’ve explained the game before. Foreign powers have learned how to manipulate our democratic process to their own ends. They use their influence, lobbying, or money to promote candidates, policies or legislation that benefits their own interests. It’s been going on for years but largely ignored by the mainstream media and most politicians. […]

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We Were Right All Along; Now Let’s Get the Problems Solved

October 20, 2017

Share this…emailFacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+RedditOver the past decade, there have been multiple areas where we made clear statements about an issue or threat only to have the establishment deny there’s even a problem. Then later, sometimes months and sometimes years, people wake up or the truth leaks out and our original position is validated. That is happening with […]

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