China Cyber Thievery is Just Another Expression of Economic Warfare

by Kevin D. Freeman on February 7, 2012

We have shared multiple times that the Chinese PLA outlined Cyber Attacks as just one more Secret Weapon to be deployed in an economic war. They concluded long ago that a direct military confrontation with the United States would be undesirable, at least at first. Instead, they adopted an “Unrestricted Warfare” strategy that would incorporate cyber attacks in addition to financial warfare following the techniques of George Soros and including currency manipulation as well as causing a stock market crash. All of these are outlined in the book, Secret Weapon (

No one denies Chinese cyber hacking. It is such a reality that much of their economy has even been built around it. In fact, a recent Op-Ed in The Wall Street Journal by noted security experts even stated that Cyber Thievery had become Chinese national policy. The experts, Mike McConnell [a retired Navy vice admiral and former director of the National Security Agency (1992-96) and director of national intelligence (2007-09), currently vice chairman of Booz Allen Hamilton],  Michael Chertoff  [a former secretary of homeland security (2005-09) and currently senior counsel at Covington & Burling], and William Lynn [served as deputy secretary of defense (2009-11) and undersecretary of defense (1997-2001)], all concluded that the Cyber attacks were part of a larger economic issue that must be addressed

JANUARY 27, 2012

China’s Cyber Thievery Is National Policy—And Must Be Challenged

Only three months ago, we would have violated U.S. secrecy laws by sharing what we write here—even though, as a former director of national intelligence, secretary of homeland security, and deputy secretary of defense, we have long known it to be true. The Chinese government has a national policy of economic espionage in cyberspace. In fact, the Chinese are the world’s most active and persistent practitioners of cyber espionage today.

Evidence of China’s economically devastating theft of proprietary technologies and other intellectual property from U.S. companies is growing. Only in October 2011 were details declassified in a report to Congress by the Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive. Each of us has been speaking publicly for years about the ability of cyber terrorists to cripple our critical infrastructure, including financial networks and the power grid. Now this report finally reveals what we couldn’t say before: The threat of economic cyber espionage looms even more ominously.

You can read the entire Op Ed here:

Now, we can be certain, based on the expertise of the authors and the evidence they present that China is engaged in an economic war with the United States. Based on the analysis and research contained in Secret Weapon, we can likewise be certain that this war also includes manipulation of our financial markets. This must be challenged as well.

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