Rogue Employees Are Another Secret Weapon

by Kevin D. Freeman on February 5, 2012

In the book, Secret Weapon, we identified Rogue Employees (pages 96-97) as another “Secret Weapon” that is being used to attack the Western financial system. This can include attempts such as the Russian trying to walk out the door with Goldman Sachs’ algorithmic trading codes on a flash drive. Experts say that had he succeeded in stealing or altering those codes, it would have been possible to crash the market without fingerprints. Or, consider the rogue traders who gambled with up to $100 billion at UBS and Societe Generale in the past four years. One of those traders actually listed Al Jazeera as his favorite television program on his Facebook page.

The Department of Homeland Security issued a serious warning in 2003 based on intelligence that suggested that al Qaeda planned to infiltrate Western financial institutions, landing jobs from which they could attack the nation’s economy. This is the same al Qaeda that bin Laden said “knew the cracks in the Western financial system like they knew the lines in their own hands.”

It has been reported that some very highly placed employees at several banks may have been using their position to launder tens of  billions of dollars annually on behalf of China, Iran, and major Drug Cartels. In fact, the NYDA has been pretty successful in catching and addressing this activity but it is likely just the tip of the iceberg. We bring all of this up to answer the scoffers and Financial Terrorism Deniers who foolishly try to argue that terrorists don’t have the means or know how to pull off a major attack. The total amounts are staggering and certainly sufficient to panic our markets.

Here are a few links that document the rogue employee threat:

This is REAL. This is SERIOUS. This is ECONOMIC WARFARE. Keep in mind that rogue employees are just one of many secret weapons we have identified. Learn more at

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