Global Trends 2030 Report Predicts Economic Terrorism

by Kevin D. Freeman on December 11, 2012

The National Intelligence Counsel (NIC) has issued its latest reports on Global Trends. After reviewing the 160-page report, the Times of India produced the following headline:

Islamist terrorism may end by 2030; hello economic and financial terrorism
Times of India

Times of India

Here is the key quote from their story:

WASHINGTON: A landmark US intelligence report released on Monday says the “current Islamist phase of terrorism” might end by 2030, but violent terrorism itself is unlikely to die completely and might evolve into bloodless forms of economic and financial terrorism.

Many other media outlets overlooked the significance of this finding. The Times of India made it their headline.

You can download the full report from the NIC here:


This dove-tails with the recent WMD Study produced for the Pentagon that acknowledged the role of economic weapons:

The report includes an entire chapter on economic warfare and offers its final recommendation on page 321: “Recognize that economic warfare is as real as any kinetic threat.” That is a recommendation we must not ignore.

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