Radical Islam is Targeting our Financial System, Banks and Stock Exchange

by Kevin D. Freeman on December 13, 2012

From the beginning, we have said that this is an economic war. This is the main point of our book, Secret Weapon (http://www.secretweapon.org). We have shown in previous posts that Osama bin Laden viewed himself as a financial terrorist. We have shown that al Qaeda has plotted against the European economy.

Now, we have other direct statements by radical Islamists that essentially prove the point (as reported by Breitbart):


When asked by Flashpoint Partners why the hackers specifically selected America’s banks as their target of retaliation for insulting the Prophet Mohammad, Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters indicated that banks represent something that they believe Americans value more than religion.

We have selected the banks because we should have done something proportional to what has happened against us. In the system where…religion and sacred things are not honorable, and only material, money and finance have value, this seems a suitable and effective…act[ion] and can influence governors and decision makers.

In its October post to Pastebin, Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters had this to say to America, should anyone insult the Prophet Mohammad:

But yes! Although you are nothing and worthless, you have something which is much respected for you. You hold it very dear and without it, life has no meaning for you: Capital, material and money.

Money is all your respect. Money is all your holiness. Money is all of your value. Money is all of your glory. Money is all your humanity. Money is all of your life. Money is all of your honor. Money is all your existence. Money is everything for you.

According to a Pakistani report, the attack is also intended against our stock market:

Muslim Hackers Target Bank of America and New York Exchange to Protest Blasphemous Video

By  · Wednesday, Sep 19, 2012

Note said that New York Exchange will be targeted as well. Hackers have called all Muslim Hackers to unify their efforts to push YouTube for removal of video.

Following is the complete excerpt from Paste Bin:

In the name of Allah the compassionate the merciful

My soul is devoted to you Dear Prophet of Allah

Dear Muslim youths, Muslims Nations and are noblemen

When Arab nations rose against their corrupt regimes (those who support Zionist regime) at the other hand when, Crucify infidels are terrified and they are no more supporting human rights. United States of America with the help of Zionist Regime made a Sacrilegious movie insulting all the religions not only Islam.

All the Muslims worldwide must unify and Stand against the action, Muslims must do whatever is necessary to stop spreading this movie. We will attack them for this insult with all we have.

All the Muslim youths who are active in the Cyber world will attack to American and Zionist Web bases as much as needed such that they say that they are sorry about that insult.

We, Cyber fighters of Izz ad-din Al qassam will attack the Bank of America and New York Stock Exchange for the first step. These Targets are properties of American-Zionist Capitalists. This attack will be started today at 2 pm. GMT. This attack will continue till the Erasing of that nasty movie. Beware this attack can vary in type.
Down with modern infidels.

Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest.

There is little doubt that radical Islamists view our economy as their primary target. Sadly, while we spend billions on kinetic weapons, our enemies are searching for opportunities to attack our economy. It is imperative that we address this serious and growing threat.

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