China Wants to Crash Our Dollar but We Can Stop Them

by Kevin D. Freeman on August 24, 2020

A few weeks ago this Blog explained the risk of an attack on our dollar as part of China’s Unrestricted Warfare.

Watch Out for a Coming Dollar Attack, The Likely Next Step in the Globalist/Marxist Insurgency

We discussed how those seeking to oust President Trump from office had pulled out all the stops. As part of that, we mentioned what Google was doing with search engine results. We also shared how the media and some in the medical community seemingly conspired to stop any reasonable COVID. Trump has noticed as seen in this Tweet:

Things have ratcheted up in the past few weeks. One example we mentioned before was the use of an Oleander compound called Oleandrin. We showed you an interview with Andrew Whitney, the vice chairman of Phoenix Biotechnologies. The interview was banned on YouTube (for no good reason other than it provided information about a potential treatment that they did not want you to know about). We reposted the interview on XOTV. This week, we interviewed Andrew again. The reason? There has been an all-out media assault on this very promising treatment using distortions and outright lies. Here is a “hit job” by Anderson Cooper of CNN:

The severe attacks are against Mike Lindell but never mind a lot of the facts that CNN’s Cooper ignore. But you can be certain YouTube won’t pull the CNN video for being misleading. To get a better perspective on the issue, here is the full episode of our latest interview with Andrew Whitney (from XOTV in case they pull the YouTube again). Take a look and decide for yourself.

[This episode will have a complete Battle Plan you can download FREE as soon as it’s available. You can get it at Economic War Room and it will contain links to the scientific studies that demonstrate that Oleandrin is not “snake oil.” It is well researched and has a clear basis for further study and possible use against COVID-19.]

The point is this. There are forces seeking to manipulate your understanding and even deny potentially life-saving treatments to achieve their agenda. Likewise, there is a continuing Marxist insurgency, particularly in leftist-controlled areas, that the media has attempted to hide from you. They are playing a dangerous game with our future.

But the forces that want to oust President Trump are not just political and not exclusively American. The most potent forces may be found in Communist China. The world’s second largest economy has made it clear they would prefer Joe Biden in the White House. And Joe Biden has been very clear in his love for China. The Democrat Convention made very little mention of the tremendous threat China has posed to our health, economy, and security. The Republican convention, by contrast, will very likely target the Chinese Communist Party and rightly so.

So what might China do? We have covered this at length. They might target our election infrastructure with hacking. We’ve shown how our system is vulnerable. They might attempt to lobby American politicians to turn on Trump. They may attempt to influence the Biden campaign. The Chinese might target our stock market and we’ve explained the vulnerability there as well.

In our last post, we explained why China wants to destroy the dollar. This has been their dream since at least 2013 and Russia before that. But now it seems imperative to them. A decade ago when I warned about this, the “experts” all argued that China would never want to hurt the dollar because we owed them money. They were wrong and nearly everyone now understands that. In fact, the general consensus has become that the dollar will slowly lose its status. Many see the dollar’s dominance as waning already. And China is leading the rallying cry against the dollar. Even some American analysts see a dollar crash as inevitable.

There is no doubt that it is the official Chinese policy to crash the American dollar. They have built systems to replace the dollar. And they have developed an asset-backed digital currency to challenge our paper money. Even Starbucks and McDonalds have agreed to test it. Bitcoin followers believe this effort will “change the world.” But the real question is whether or not they can pull it off. Maybe they can’t! At least not yet. The problem is that our continuing COVID response has greatly added to our debt, now almost $27 trillion. Some call this the Fed’s “reckless experiment.”

The good news is that we can protect the dollar and our economy. It just requires solidarity and resolve. Here are some things we can and should do:

  1. We must protect the stock market with the uptick rule. That’s because a market crash could hammer the dollar in multiple ways. In the past a market decline might have caused a rush to the dollar. But this time, with record debt, we may not be able to pull it together.
  2. We must make the world aware of Chinese culpability in unleashing the COVID pandemic. We must make it clear that the Chinese Communist Party cannot be trusted with global economic leadership.
  3. We must get our fiscal house in order and come together as one nation under God.
  4. We must explore asset-backed digital currencies on our own and take leadership in this arena. Texas began down this path but now needs to restart efforts.
  5. We must immediately stop our underwriting of Communist China. We must delist and deregister all Chinese shares that fail to meet our laws and accounting standards. We have invested something like $3 trillion into Chinese companies with very little good to show for it.
  6. We should shore up our alliances and we might even want to divide the anti-dollar coalition be peeling off Russia.
  7. We should ask China to repay their longstanding debt to Americans. Very little is ever mentioned about this but the debt is massive, measured in the trillions of dollars.

All of the steps are doable and can add decades of life to American dollar hegemony. To get there, however, we will have to be honest with ourselves and pull together as Americans. We will have to call the media out for their distortions and lies. And we will have to vote and pray. Without God, there is no future for America. We must repent and cry out to God according to 2nd Chronicles 7: 13-14. Sadly, many in the Democratic Party seems oblivious to this fact. Hopefully, the Republicans will do better.


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