Insurrection and Violence: A Citizen’s Guide for Response

by Kevin D. Freeman on September 14, 2020

We have long warned that the Unrestricted Warfare doctrine called for “social unrest, street riots, and a political crisis.” Now, despite a near-total mainstream media blackout, most of America is “woke” to the reality that there are elements within our own borders intent on tearing down our nation. This might have seemed like hyperbole just a few months ago. But with the lasting impact of the pandemic response and the “spontaneous” protests and rioting that sprang up across the country, few doubt that there is something sinister at work.

If you are a long-term reader of this blog, you know that all of this has been telegraphed for at least the past decade and that this day was coming. My personal belief is that it arrived sooner than intended because President Trump disrupted the natural course that had been plotted. When the initial Russia-collusion hoax was debunked and the Ukraine impeachment trial failed, it appeared that a robust economy would ensure a second Trump term. At that point, the “deep state” had to pull out all the stops. They hyped a Chinese virus, labeling it a pandemic, and then dusted off long-held and recently rehearsed pandemic response manuals. There is no doubt that the virus is real and a serious threat. However, the planned response has devastated our economy and resulted in a mass forfeiture of civil liberties. With the tragic death of George Floyd, another line of attack was unleashed in the form of weaponizing otherwise legitimate protests into riots. All of this is Unrestricted Warfare, designed to remove Trump and then remake (or remove) America.

This is a very well-funded effort supported by a complicit media. More than that, it is a spiritual battle for the soul of America. There is plenty of documentation on some of those organizing the chaos for any who care to look. Still, the media continues to craft a narrative and purposefully censoring any alternatives to that narrative (even if the alternative comes from world-renowned experts). Worse still, they have often promoted the narrative of sometimes untrustworthy international organizations like the WHO. If you dare post anything contrary to WHO, you will be ridiculed and silenced. And yes, this is the same corrupted WHO that has “adjusted” the facts repeatedly. Likewise, in the social justice arena, objectivity is thrown out the window. You are required to say, “Black Lives Matter” but forbidden to say, “Blue Lives Matter,” or even “All Lives Matter.” It is truly Orwellian.

In terms of the spiritual battle, there are reports regarding Karl Marx’s passion for all things satan. And the BLM movement has its own brand of occult voodoo, admitted by the founder on tape. And there are BLM chants that say “F*** your Jesus.” Yes, racism is wrong. But does it seem wise to use demonic measures to address it? Of course not! Racism should be addressed with love, not violent hate driven by evil.

All of this is being unleashed in a coordinated fashion prior to the 2020 election. If you haven’t heard, the other side has “war gamed” the whole thing and produced a document walking through various scenarios so their side wins, no matter what. This is a very sophisticated effort. We have the document and you can see it here. Can you imagine if the media got hold of a Republican document written to show how to steal the election even if the Democrats actually won it? It would be all over everywhere. Yet this effort exists and the media is silent.

The truth is that the Radical Progressive Left is afraid that they might not win the election. They thought they had 2016 “in the bag” with multiple insurance policies “just in case.” They were shocked when Clinton lost and had to immediately begin undermining Trump. One man at the National Security Council understood the threat and wrote to President Trump to warn him. He was my former colleague (when he worked at DoD), Rich Higgins. The media ridiculed him. The Deep State “outed him.” But when you look back at what he wrote, he was spot on and has proven even more true as time has gone on.

There is no question that we are seeing a planned Marxist insurgency. And the goal is to “burn down” our Constitutional Republic and our free market economy. And when I say burn down, that is both figuratively and literally. Given the repeated “burn down” mantra in Marxism and at the many BLM protests/riots, there is a legitimate justification for questioning the origins of the devastating West Coast wildfires.

Of course, the media wants to make it all about climate change but we aren’t so sure for multiple reasons. First, there are reports of Antifa-caused arson even though the media is desperate to deny them prior to any formal investigation. Methinks they doth protest too much. Second, the fires all seem to be taking place along the I-5 corridor which seems pretty convenient for arsonists. Third, there don’t seem to be any reports of fires across either our northern or southern borders (see screen shot from the LA Times with red-line representing borders added).

Are Canada and Mexico somehow exempt from climate change and lightning strikes? It’s interesting how the reported fires only seem to be within our borders. Finally, we have the fact that Pyro-Terrorism has been discussed since 1970 as a probable WMD to be used against America. It fits the Marxist/Chinese Unrestricted Warfare playbook. Why not unleash it to inflict further economic harm ahead of the crucial 2020 election?

What should be abundantly clear is that the opposition has a powerful and multi-faceted Game Plan. From this, we know that there is a planned 50-day siege of the White House beginning September 17. We got a taste of this following the Republican convention when White House guests were violently assaulted. The goal is to disrupt, demoralize, and deny. The same tactics have been used with the Defund the Police campaign.

So what can we do?

First, we must get on our knees, repent, and pray for our nation. We must pray for the President, for the election, and for the people. This is a spiritual battle, light vs. darkness. Therefore, we reference this from the Bible:

13 If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people;

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

-2 Chronicles 7:13-14 KJV

Given the multiple disasters we are facing (including pestilence, drought, wildfires, economic chaos, and riots), we desperately need God to hear us, forgive us, and heal our land.

We also need our own Game Plan, a Citizen’s Guide for Response. Fortunately, that has already been prepared and provided by Unconstrained Analytics which is led by Rich Higgins and his colleague Steve Coughlin. I know them both well. As mentioned earlier, Rich is the former NSC employee cast out of the White House by the Deep State. When he was at DoD, he was the one who hired me to write the original Economic Warfare research back in 2009. Steve Coughlin was a colleague in that effort and I traveled with him in a small group on a small fact-finding mission a few years back.

Here is an excerpt of the Introduction (used with permission):

The United States of America is enveloped in crisis. Not since the Civil War, have we faced an insurgency and resistance movement with the capacity, capability, and very real potential to fundamentally change the structure of our republic. All, without passing a law. We are near a tipping point of insurrection and unlegislated change, from which the nation thus changed, will cease to be recognized or function as a representative republic.

The purpose for writing is to alert you to this fact – we are under attack by an ‘insurgency syndicate’ employing unconventional warfare tactics. The North American Insurgency Syndicate (NAIS) is currently gaining strength and they are on the offensive. This book endeavors to deliver an understanding of the insurgency, their goals, strategy and tactics. Then, to provide a framework to respond and protect your family, your property, your freedom, and our country.

As you read about violent insurgent groups, and their goal to fundamentally change our form of government, many a reader may be asking themselves “But, what can I do?” A rational response to this question is the motivation for our project. We offer a guide to assess your current position, analyze your risk, and help you make a reasoned plan to protect you, your family, and further; to provide you ways in which you can help the Nation.

For, if well-meaning citizens do nothing – do not recognize the danger, do not vote, do not volunteer at polling locations, do not influence others, do not prepare for their own defense, and do not push back against enemies of the Republic, then they are ceding space and power to the insurgents. The consequence of citizen inaction, at this perilous moment, is to put at risk the Constitution, our way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If law abiding patriots across the country do not take prudent action, if they remain subdued and silent, then our nation will be fundamentally altered and cease to function as a republic.

We begin by increasing your “situational awareness.” The book describes the current situation in the United States – that we are at a critical point where the NAIS is successfully exploiting a national emergency to rapidly gain strength. We provide a synopsis of the various and disparate insurgent organizations and movements that are involved in direct-action violence, harassment, agitation, and social media attacks.

Then we explore their syndicate structure. At the tactical level, the NAIS relies upon self-organizing groups of insurgents united for insurrection. The syndicate, waging unconventional warfare with new and innovative tactics, intends to change or overthrow the government. At the strategic level, a clandestine organization has formed. It has built a hidden infrastructure with a shadow government, financial structure, political operations, media outreach, and international engagement. They have infiltrated counter-state, underground operatives into most federal, state and local government institutions. The NAIS is using a determined and effective strategy with a tactical ground fight, unrestricted political warfare, and unmatched information operations.

We discuss the support that is required for the NAIS to be successful, and the support they are now receiving. Non-profit, charitable, and other entities are used to distribute funds to the NAIS. This is accomplished by washing money through multiple layers of numerous, geographically dispersed, and legitimate organizations. In addition to domestic funding, the NAIS is receiving international support. Both China and Russia are involved because they directly benefit from U.S. instability. There is evidence that China has been conducting a “Stealth War” for some time against the U.S.² Russia has been engaged in clandestine operations to influence elections and destabilize the country.³

The book explores the role of academia, the mainstream media, social media corporations, government institutions, and unions, as it relates to the success or failure of insurgent activity. This includes political cover provided by some parts of the Democratic Party.

The greatest advantage the NAIS holds is their weaponization of social media platforms. With this weapon, they dominate information and influence operations. The strategic power wielded in this regard, is unmatched in modern warfare. With nearly complete freedom of action, the NAIS uses social media platforms to recruit, train and mobilize the force. They use it for secure communications, to conduct operational planning, and coordination of elements. Seemingly at will, they direct, control and rapidly change the media narrative to justify and legitimize violent actions. With great impact, it is used to attack and delegitimize dissenting groups in an effort to force silence or conformance. Compliance has become so engrained in parts of society that a new ‘Cancel Culture’ has emerged, which refuses fact-based debate, intellectual discussion and disagreement. Sadly, and perhaps unwittingly, much of the media, many in academia, and some in the Democratic party are complicit in this weaponization.

After learning about the resistance movement, you may be tempted to ask yourself if this is real, or just another conspiracy theory. The book lays out the facts and analysis that unmask the insurgency groups – some following communist ideology, some socialist, some anarchy, and some a confusing cocktail of all three ideologies. We explain why this is different from the 1960s student uprisings and why it poses a significantly greater danger.

History provides many examples of past insurgent organizations with Marxist-Leninist-Maoist ideology where they fully or partially achieved their end state. These revolutions either overthrew the government, pushed leaders out of office, or forced the government to the negotiation table. In all of those cases, the existing government and its underlying institutions and structure were significantly or fundamentally altered.

This is not a study in ancient history. Many successful revolutions have occurred recently, and often to democratic countries with free elections. The Color Revolutions and Arab Spring movements that occurred over the past few decades look similar to the Black Lives Matter Movement. Indeed, we are likely witnessing the greatest Color Revolution of them all.

When part of the citizenry is seduced by Marxist- Leninist-Maoist (M-L-M) ideology, and especially, when the majority of the population is scared, silenced and subdued – the conditions are right for successful revolution. It is what permits a determined few to organize, control and coerce millions. This formula is what led to the success of many Color Revolutions in recent years. Using cell phones and social media platforms, these broad resistance coalitions united around a single cause, and rapidly grew to astonishing numbers. The massive protests, riots and targeted violence surprised and overwhelmed government counter measures, and consequently, most of these recent revolutions achieved significant levels of success.

That’s just the beginning of a 50-page book which includes a detailed explanation of the situation we are in, a detailed “What Can I Do?” action plan designed to prepare you to protect your family (including a detailed checklist of what you will need and need to do), a Call to Action regarding how you can help, and links to helpful and powerful resources. This is one of the most important guides you can get and the good news is that it is available FREE for download from Unconstrained Analytics. I urge you to download a copy today and then start to follow the advice therein.

Let’s get praying and then get about business! Now, you have a guide for preparation. Buckle up. It is going to be interesting for sure.


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