Why We May Have to Deregister (and Delist) Communist Chinese Shares from US Markets

May 13, 2020

Share this…emailFacebookTwitterLinkedinReddit In almost every antique store in America there is a little sign that says, “You Break It, You Pay for It.” The Chinese Communist Party has broken the world’s economy by mishandling, covering up, and lying about the deadly virus they allowed to be unleashed on the planet. We all know it. But […]

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Progress in Four Areas and Challenge in Two Others

May 5, 2020

Share this…emailFacebookTwitterLinkedinRedditThe Global Economic War has significantly escalated with COVID-19. There is some good news as policymakers are finally beginning to see that an economic war is underway. Nothing like a pandemic to wake people up. First, we even have some of the intelligence community coming to grips with at least part of the Chinese […]

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Facing Our Darkest Hour; Calling Forth the Dawn

April 9, 2020

Share this…emailFacebookTwitterLinkedinRedditLast night I took a break to re-watch the Academy Award-winning movie, Darkest Hour starring Best Actor Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill. The movie is inspired and inspirational. It is also powerful, timely, and appropriate. Only just now, however, did I learn that today is Winston Churchill Day, commemorating the day he became an […]

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Palm Sunday Was a Turning Point–What Comes After the Tunnel?

April 6, 2020

Share this…emailFacebookTwitterLinkedinReddit It was getting dire last week. There were predictions of a new global depression. After all, the global economy was shuttered with the exception of parts of China (where the crisis began) and select places like South Korea and Taiwan. Italy was tragic. Europe seemed devastated. New York appeared on the edge of […]

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Why is the Virus Smiling?

March 26, 2020

Share this…emailFacebookTwitterLinkedinRedditChina Daily is an official English-language newspaper owned by the Publicity Department of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Last week, the daily cartoon showed a coronavirus dressed as a cowboy with a smoking gun stretched out in an easy chair. The virus is smiling. On the wall is a trophy head of a bull. […]

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Why Socialism is a Bigger Threat than COVID-19

March 6, 2020

Share this…emailFacebookTwitterLinkedinReddit This week, the market rode a roller coaster. Actually more than usual. On Monday stock prices rallied with the thought that the previous week’s decline was overdone. It was a big rally. On Tuesday, the market collapsed after the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates. Virus fears ramped higher. On Wednesday, there was another […]

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The Economic Impact of the Coronavirus and What You Should Consider Doing Now

March 1, 2020

Share this…emailFacebookTwitterLinkedinReddit  The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 4,000 points in less than a week on reports of “community spread” of the novel coronavirus. This was the swiftest 10% drop from all-time highs in market history according to CNBC. The panic began because there were new identified cases of COVID-19, the virus that emerged from […]

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Why the Coronavirus Puts Our Supply of Medicines at Risk and What We Should Do About It

February 15, 2020

Share this…emailFacebookTwitterLinkedinReddit In Episode 6 of The Economic War Room on BlazeTV, we warned America that our nation had developed a desperate and unnecessary dependence on Chinese pharmaceuticals. This episode aired on November 8, 2018. Here is a clip from that show: The warning was early enough that we could have responded. We should have […]

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It’s Your Money, So Why Must it Reflect Their Values? Is there an ESG Bubble?

February 2, 2020

Share this…emailFacebookTwitterLinkedinReddit The hottest area of investing today is ESG, which stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. To some, ESG means “sustainable investing.” Over $30 trillion worldwide has been dedicated to ESG. That’s truly amazing. This trend has developed very rapidly and is the talk of Wall Street. But what does it really mean? Consider […]

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The Impeachment (Coup Attempt)…To What End?

January 20, 2020

Share this…emailFacebookTwitterLinkedinReddit The impeachment trial starts in earnest tomorrow. There are really two issues. First, did the President abuse his office for personal political gain? And second, did he obstruct justice? This will be a show trial in the Senate and has all sorts of political and economic ramifications. I would argue that a simple […]

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