Joe Biden’s ‘End of Shareholder Capitalism’ Would be the End of America as We Know Her

July 13, 2020

Share this…EmailFacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogleRedditImmediately after the celebration of our nation’s 244th birthday, the former Vice President of the United States and the Democratic candidate for President tweeted an intention to Transform America. It was a well-received political sentiment, especially by the media and progressive elements in our nation. But what does it actually mean? Please understand that this […]

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Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

July 2, 2020

Share this…EmailFacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogleReddit History has a lot of “people’s revolutions” that have gone terribly bad. What starts with promises of liberty too often ends with severe oppression. That was certainly the case with the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, the Spanish Civil War, Nazis in Germany, Mao in China, Castro in Cuba, Chavez in Venezuela, and […]

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Restore the Uptick Rule to Prevent Market Manipulation

June 26, 2020

Share this…EmailFacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogleRedditWhat would happen if the market were to crash just before the November election? Based on history, the answer is clear. President Trump would lose in a landslide. Given the numerous hits the Trump team has taken thus far, including the fake Russia conspiracy, impeachment hearings based on trumped up Ukraine claims, a global […]

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Social Panic, Street Riots, and a Political Crisis–Part Two

June 12, 2020

Share this…EmailFacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogleReddit In part one, I provided analysis of what was happening in the streets. Since then, we have had an “autonomous zone” formed in Seattle. This name is not chosen at random. It is straight out of the communist game plan for revolution. In fact, Glenn Beck did a terrific show on this, holding […]

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Social Panic, Street Riots, and a Political Crisis–Part One

June 10, 2020

Share this…EmailFacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogleReddit In the context of the social unrest following George Floyd’s horrific murder, we have witnessed some righteous and appropriate indignation. Protests are a legitimate American expression guaranteed by the American Constitution. This is Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly. Sadly, in the midst of righteous protest, there have also been some very […]

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The President is Right on China, but Is Wall Street Trying to Undermine Him?

June 1, 2020

Share this…EmailFacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogleReddit On Friday, President Trump boldly made clear that the United States would no longer be patsy to China. He clearly stated a desire to remove fraudulent Chinese shares from our markets along with Chinese companies that violate human rights, flout our regulations, and threaten our nation’s security. And yet, as he was speaking, […]

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Why We May Have to Deregister (and Delist) Communist Chinese Shares from US Markets

May 13, 2020

Share this…EmailFacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogleReddit In almost every antique store in America there is a little sign that says, “You Break It, You Pay for It.” The Chinese Communist Party has broken the world’s economy by mishandling, covering up, and lying about the deadly virus they allowed to be unleashed on the planet. We all know it. But […]

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Progress in Four Areas and Challenge in Two Others

May 5, 2020

Share this…EmailFacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogleRedditThe Global Economic War has significantly escalated with COVID-19. There is some good news as policymakers are finally beginning to see that an economic war is underway. Nothing like a pandemic to wake people up. First, we even have some of the intelligence community coming to grips with at least part of the Chinese […]

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Facing Our Darkest Hour; Calling Forth the Dawn

April 9, 2020

Share this…EmailFacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogleRedditLast night I took a break to re-watch the Academy Award-winning movie, Darkest Hour starring Best Actor Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill. The movie is inspired and inspirational. It is also powerful, timely, and appropriate. Only just now, however, did I learn that today is Winston Churchill Day, commemorating the day he became an […]

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Palm Sunday Was a Turning Point–What Comes After the Tunnel?

April 6, 2020

Share this…EmailFacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogleReddit It was getting dire last week. There were predictions of a new global depression. After all, the global economy was shuttered with the exception of parts of China (where the crisis began) and select places like South Korea and Taiwan. Italy was tragic. Europe seemed devastated. New York appeared on the edge of […]

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